What and How

What is offset printing?

Offset printing

Offset printing is the most commonly adopted printing method that is used commercially almost all over the world since the 20th century. Offset printing is also referred to as offset lithography; this method is used to create a vast number of printing materials that are mostly utilized by businesses and companies of almost all kinds.

How to offset printing works

The procedure of offset lithography is quite simple; it’s all done under one principle “do not dissolve water and ink together.” The design you want to get printed is kept on a thin metal slate. The plate or slate is dampened with water and ink with the help of rollers on a specific press. Special oil-based ink is spread over the design, the water, and the empty area.

The area that is inked is then headed towards the rubber cylinder also called blanket, and then it straightaway goes to the paper. This procedure is called offset because the design does not reach from the plates to the paper and it transferred to the paper after undergoing through another surface.

Why offset printing is called 4-colored printing?

The offset printing process and the digital inkjet printer use the four types of inks only named, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This color sequence is also referred as CMYK. The inkjet printer uses the four colors at the same time to develop the image on the paper whereas when it comes to offsetting printing, all the four colors are used separately. Each color is applied to different plates. The spots of the four colors are displayed on the material separately but beautifully, and it seems like all the colors are merged. It makes our eyes believe that we are watching a full view of different colors in the same design. Due to the use of 4 primary colors by the printer, this printing method is also named as the four color printing process.

Reasons to use offset printing method

Offset lithography or printing has a lot of plus points that make this printing method an effective one. Offset printing is best when you want a printing technique that gives you the best results with high-quality images. Even if you are budget conscious, this printing method will keep you on your budget but will also complete your desire to get the best work in less time.

Fewer prices per piece

The overall process of offset printing is not expensive; it’s just that the startup would be a bit costly because you’ll have to buy the machines. If comparing the cost of ink and paper, it is one of the most convenient printing methods to adopt if you want something excellent in quality yet affordable. It just takes a few cents to get the offset paper sheet and the ink. That means that you can print per piece at a very cheap cost.

Unmatchable quality

The images produced by the offset printer are rich in variety, with perfect combination of colors and desired fine lines and detailing.