What is pigment printing?

Pigment printing

Pigment printing is one of the most common and basic types of printing techniques that are used in textile industry. The printing is referred to as the dying and printing of various dresses and fabrics. You might find variety of dyes available in the market that goes perfect when you buy for pigment printing. Those dyes are especially designed to be used for pigment printing. Resistant pigment, solvent dyes, ink pigments, printing ink pigments and much more are some of the types of dyes or pigments you would find in the market for pigment printing. The pigment printing technique leaves such detailed colors on the fabric and the texture of the fabric after undergoing the printing process looks so smooth.

Where can pigment printing be used?

No matter you are using the synthetic fiber or the natural one for the printing purpose, the pigment printing technique will work for you. The process of pigment printing is really simple, and to be honest you can do this type of printing on your own as well. So you can save a lot of money by not paying any technical expert. This type of printing is also compatible to be sued for the printing of fibers like glass fiber, PVC and restricted leather as well. This printing method is used by most of the cloth printing companies because the process gives the best quality of prints and such fine finish with less overall cost.

Why use pigment printing?

The pigment printing is one of those printing techniques that are much liked for cellulose fibers. This printing method does have the qualities that make it the perfect printing method. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of pigment printing:

Unbeatable printing quality

Pigment printing allows the user to experience the best quality of print because this printing method ensures that the fabric gets the eye-catchy prints with sharp colors. You won’t get such bright printing with any other method. Moreover, the best part is that with pigment printing, the prints and the dyes are permanent. So no matter how many times you wash the fabric, the color won’t vanish or dull.

Easy process

Pigment printing is easy to do procedure. The selection of colors in pigment printing is way more easy and steady. Other than that you can still do pigment printing even if your material is not clean or washed out. Even if your fabric has any issue with the pigment, you can easily identify it an early stage of pigment printing and stop the process earlier.

Affordable printing method

Color printing is a spending cordial procedure. As this procedure guarantees less wash off, brisk examining and is a rapid system, all the more printing should be possible at less time. You likewise needn’t bother with top of the line hardware for applying this procedure. Every one of these highlights makes shade printing conservative. You can save a lot more money in this printing technique and get the best results at the same time.