COP Authors

Here is the List of our certified Authors;

Name of the WriterPost at City Of PackagingEmail Address
Norman C. Eubanks Packaging Scientist [email protected]
Allen R. Olson Packaging journalist [email protected]
Joseph J. Smoot Eco-designs expert [email protected]
Scott I. Johnson Packaging art Director [email protected]
Richard S. Peeler Researcher [email protected]
Guy L. Leonard Packaging material expert [email protected]
Raphael N. Clark Magzine Writer [email protected]
Jaime E. Rodgers Packaging Designer [email protected]
Ralph L. Kirk Packaging Engineer [email protected]
James A. Kintzel Product Tester [email protected]
Jaime M. Cudd Packaging Specialist [email protected]
Sherry J. Allen Consumer Behaviour Analyst [email protected]
Petra J. Carlson Compliance Manager [email protected]
Renee B. Hawks Assembly Line Expert [email protected]
Bethany T. McQuay Packaging Adviser [email protected]
Marie B. Hanson Mediacal packaging Specialist [email protected]
Shirley K. Danner Packaging IOM-3 certified Specialist [email protected]
Silvia C. GuestArt Director [email protected]
Mary R. DanielsProduct Packaging advisor [email protected]
Janine C. HernandezJournalist Writer [email protected]
Lena A. Roderick Digital Marketing Specialist [email protected]