Why opt for the City Of Packaging?

City of Packaging is the leading custom printed boxes and packaging supplier in the USA. We are based in New Hampshire, and we are well known that the customized packaging solutions are now essential for the branding, security, and marketing of the products. When it comes to product distribution, handling, storing, sorting, marketing, and shipping, then our customized and personalized cartons are almost essential for any kind of product. Through this an array of designs can be availed, different colors, designs, unique shapes, and structures for the comfort of the customers and safety of the inside product.

These are equally important for the individuals, wholesalers, manufacturer, producers, small and medium scale business, and large scale enterprises.

We always assist to go for the branding

Here is why we suggest for looming as a brand identity, once your brand is established, your business will multiply in growth. That’s why we always allude for the custom printed but branded cartons for your products. This is because the benefits of the customization and personalization are not limited to the safety and the security of the inside product but also extends to the branding of the products. As we know the importance of the money that you have poured into the packaging. These unique style cartons and designs help you in rapid growth and grab the attention of the customer and passersby.

Here is a practical example, one of our clients need a custom cosmetic packaging solution, we suggest him to add a window in it for the display of the product and display it in the front shelves of the mall, he did, and the product sale is multiplied. In addition to this, the analysis of the repeat sale allows us to find the branding factor. The logo printed on it with the name of the company was asked a couple of time in next few days so, it is branding factor that iterates your sales and whips up your customer to find you again and again. We have thousands of stories like this; that’s why we prefer COP as your next business partner.

Product safety

No, doubt the packaging is meant for the safety of the product, it helps in import and export business and saves huge amounts of money that could be wasted if the inside products get damaged. We have the right suggestion and options for your fragile products that have to suffer thousands of jerks during their marketing life cycle. Cardboard made boxes, corrugation and Eco-friendly Kraft with single, double and triple layers make your goods durable and safe. Inclusion to this, cushion materials, bubble sheets, and other foam alike precautionary measurements are also available here.

Moreover, the trend of e-commerce packaging, sustainable packaging, and intelligent packaging is at climax, and we have all customized options for you.

Customization and personalization

One of the major benefits of our services is the customization of the boxes all the boxes; cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, retail boxes, food packaging and etc. are available with full customization options. In this way, the extra space in the premade cartons get removed, and the goods become more safe and handy.

Reduce your cost and be the participant of our cost reduction program

Actually, by pouring amount into the pool of packaging has higher turnover, this is because of the safety and branding. That’s why it has better ROI at the end of the day. We have made this process so easy just in three steps you get delivered.

  • Design and artwork and requirements
  • Sampling, production
  • Shipping and delivery

In this way, your precious time gets saved, and we allude the best fit for your products too. So, entrusting to the COP will help your business to grow at a more rapid rate. These are the main features of our success in the market.

For more questions, check out our FAQ’s section or contact us here. Call us in business hours or write an email any time at [email protected] . Our dedicated support team will assist and guide you in all packaging solutions about your product. For the order of custom made boxes get your free quote right now!