What is the modified atmosphere packaging?

Modified atmosphere packaging is most commonly used in the food and the gas industry. This type of packaging is used for food packaging to keep its quality sound, keep it fresh, and enhance its shelf life. This is the right way to maintain the temperature of the food by protecting it with the proper protective layering. This is a type of packaging that should be used for every kind of food packaging. This not only increases the food shelf life, but it also increases the brand’s reputation that leads to customer’s loyalty. 

Whenever we move towards any grocery shop, we mostly see the food products packed in the modified atmosphere packaging. The reason companies use this packaging way is that it is cheaper yet an effective way to maintain the quality of food for an extended period. 

Difference between the controlled atmosphere and modified atmosphere packaging

Controlled atmosphere packaging 

Controlled atmosphere packaging is the combination of controlling and providing the right amount of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to the food packed. The internal atmosphere of the packaging is controlled by reducing and managing the oxidation. When the food is packed in the packaging in which O2, CO2, and nitrogen are mixed that packaging is known as controlled atmosphere packaging. 

Modified atmosphere packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is increasingly adaptable. It is some of the time called gas flushing, or diminished oxygen bundling. A significant part of the healthy air is evacuated or vacuumed out. Fitting bundling material, for example, plastic film or foil is utilized for the item. You might be comfortable with nourishment items that have been bundled along these lines.

Benefits of using modified atmosphere packaging 

Modified packaging is no doubt the best food packaging so far but still for your surety, here are only a few benefits of modified atmosphere packaging are mentioned. We are sure that these benefits will convince you to choose the best-modified packaging for your food products:

  • Modified atmosphere packaging increases the shelf life of the food as it keeps the food safe from any bacteria or germs.
  • The food is kept under proper temperature required
  • With the use of modified atmosphere packaging, the quality of food is always on point.
  • The modified atmosphere packaging method is cheaper, that makes the packaging designers move towards using this effective packaging method for their food packaging.
  • With the help of modified atmosphere packaging, you can keep your food safe from any outer chemicals, or oxygen that spoils the food or makes it soggy.

The disadvantage of modified atmosphere packaging

  • Everything has some problems besides all the advantages. Similarly, the MAP also has a weakness that it’s true that this packaging keeps the food safe from germs, but it does not kill the bacteria completely. The bacteria stay there sometimes, and some further bacteria-killing processes might be required to purify the food from bacteria.
  • Another disadvantage is that when you open the seal of this packaging, now you need to eat the food as soon as possible because now the food will get soggy in some time.