Eco-Friendly Boxes

Get customized Eco-friendly boxes at your door step. City Of Packaging has variety of Eco-friendly boxes are available. City of Packaging is working hard to strengthening your brand image and provide you the 100% recyclable packaging material. We are the partners of 1000’s of brands in providing them sustainable packaging solutions. As recycling is mandatory in order to save the world. So, customized eco-friendly boxes are disposal, cost saving and showed the care towards environment.
COP is the leading and premium printing and packaging company that is providing online reliable, durable and smart eco-friendly packaging solutions. We have high-end eco solutions for your products, click here and order your wholesale customized eco-friendly boxes at COP.
Our short run custom packaging provide unique quality in variety of styles; cosmetics and retail eco-friendly packaging, food and gifts boxes that are recyclable, fancy metalized boxes, bottom closure and all other designs are deal here.
We have high quality offset and digital printing techniques. These latest techniques in addition to the use of recyclable material is saving the environment on the mother earth. This is because the use of plastic material have immense negative effect on the environment of the world. And the decomposition of the environment is the major threat of the 21st century. The next generations should enjoy the nature as we are enjoying no, that’s why we need material for the packaging that is sustainable towards the environment. Moreover, the materials that are not recyclable are expensive solutions. In this way, the purpose of the reuse is diminished.
City of Packaging has come up with this idea to provide customized eco-friendly boxes and packaging solutions around the globe. For this purpose we use the following 4 R’s rule; reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. Another example is that Galaxy S10 packaging is 100% plastic free packaging it includes only recycled paper and soy ink printed material. And this is carbon certified in the UK, EPEAT-UL certified in the US, Vitality Leaf certified in the Russia and Selo Colibri certified in the Brazil. This is the best example that shows the brands are more conscious about the packaging.
Add to this, eco-friendly packaging is secure, contains the less polluted substances, reduces the use of energy, low water is consumed, it is our social responsibility to maintain the environment, reduces the waste of the cartons and increases the reusability of the packaging. Thus, food and beverages are sell the most and it is mandatory to get recyclable containers for such products.
City of Packaging assist you to order now your first customized and wholesale eco-friendly boxes, and be the part of this campaign. For this purpose COP have special discounts on eco-friendly packaging for your products.  That’s why we are offering totally free shipping, no hidden charges and 10% additional discount on the order of more than one thousand eco-friendly boxes.  We are 24/7 online and deal in all materials cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and BuxBoard. Also find a variety of designs on the website for your precious and valuable products.

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