The City Of Packaging has customized solutions of all kind of cartons and boxes. All these are personalized and printed as per the demands and requirements of the customers. First, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the COP about any of the mistake found in the cartons. We must be informed about the errors and quality issues found in the boxes.

For this we have a 3 days policy, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform us within the 3 business days after receiving the boxes. In another way, you have just 36 hours of business days to inform us about the errors, and miss-commitments found.  This is our first and the foremost priority to deliver you the best services and exactly the same quality and quantity that you have demanded.  

We don’t have chargeback policy, in any case, only the free reprint options are acceptable. This is the case when it is proved that the fault is made by the company. All the defects and audit would be conducted by our expert management teams. As we have a couple of proofing and sampling methods before the production that refrains all of us to stay away from errors, even there is no room for a single word error in printing.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the customer to send back all the boxes at their own expense to the company within 7 business days. Only if it is proved that the burden of defect is solely on the City of Packaging’s shoulders. The documents and defects with photographs are required for the proof.

Returns will only be possible if the printed cartons are not produced as per the specification you have provided. These provided specifications will be rechecked as per the last and final approved design by the client via email. So, before ordering it is your responsibility to double check all the adjustments, formatting, spellings, content, quantity, materials, and add-ons. Once you have finalized and allowed us for the printing, the job will be transferred to the production department. After this, the job can’t be revert back.

If the fault is proved at the end of the client, and still you need a refund. For this case, you have to send back to us the whole amount of the printed boxes. The company will deduct its shipping and product’s setup coast, and rest of the amount will be charged back to you. This amount will be calculated by the company, and this will calculate after the deduction of the fixed costs.

For returns, contact as at [email protected] and call us immediately! At the given number. Or simply contact us by fillng this form.