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The demand for brochures printing to display the details and menu of retail business and food chains are augmenting day by day. Every brand aspire to get noticed by the target audience. It is not a hard nut to crack but also not as easy effortless. Perfection in each and every stage count a lot when it comes to branded products. So, for brochures printing vivid material as well as inspiring color schemes are obligatory. A variety of options are presented to the brands to showcase their products and services on the brochures with a variety of paper stocks and printing designs. Inclusively, bi-fold pamphlets, and tri-fold brochures with premium printing options are also offered as per the information requirement of the customers. All aforementioned custom brochures are available in almost all sizes with double side or single side printed in CMYK colors or full-color as the customer requires. At the City Of Packaging, you would found all above options with your requirement without any hidden designing cost or at affordable rates. So, be first to place your order here.

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Brochure printing

City of Packaging has dedicated experts and specialize in printing brochures. We print full color, only front printing, and backside printing, both sides printing, black and white printing for the flyers. We have multiple folding options that are following;

  1. Tri-fold
  2. Z fold
  3. Double fold
  4. Centerfold
  5. Half-fold
  6. Iron cross fold
  7. Accordion fold
  8. Die-cuts with folding
  9. Scented ink with multiple folding
  10. Stair step
  11. Double parallel
  12. Gate fold
  13. Snake fold

We have a free aqueous coating, UV spot, extra shine, and matte effects options for printing of brochures. These are the best marketing tools, used in the corporate sector, service providing business and hotels. These are used to append a value to the customers, communicate with them, and express your business key features. We have flyers from the single fold to multiple folds, snake folding, and these brochures create a difference for you. We have more than 20 years of printing experience, we help you in looming your business and our dedicated support team help you in getting up to the mark and required brochures for you. We design for you and print all kinds of brochures for you. Carefully design cartons express you the value of your brand, its visuals added, and these represent your business even without reading a single word. In fact, the interesting folding dividers make them mesmerizing and fascinating.

Different types of brochures by the COP

The foiling of gold and silver append metallic look in the brochures. These look-alike metals and opulent. Add to this, spot UV coating, and CMYK/PMS, 4 color printing die-cuts and plastic window in them add extra value and look that is tantalizing. Add to this, embossing, and deposing effects make them soft and prominent. Such results are placed on the typography, logo, and slogans of the business.

Furthermore, the multiple folding provides the hierarchy in the information printed on the brochures. The step by step folding built the mind of the customer and managed all the data on the brochures. This data management help in understanding the product and reveal all the distinct products and features step by step. This is also an opportunity for your display first what is more important to the customers. So, you can manage all the data and design the multiple folding and make your stories more interesting.

Foil stamping on the brochures

There are foiling options that could be appended on the brochures, these are extra layers and applied on the cardboard and applied under high pressure and temperature variants. These are highly shiny, glossy, metallic, white, and matte surface. The fundamental purpose of such layers to append extra eye-catching and appealing look in the brochures. In foiling, we also have holographic foils, colored, bright and scratch-off foils. So your logo, design and another element could be added on the brochures with a couple of variants in foiling. Learn here about the foil stamping process on the brochures.

Embossing and debossing on the brochures

We append tactile feelings in the brochures, two significant impacts of embossing and debossing are applied on the images, logos, text, typographies, and any stuff that is placed on the brochures. This makes the material prominent and dominant, and this grabs the attention of the reader. This is counted as a three-dimensional placement of the stuff. According to a study conducted by the “University of Southern California,” it is easier for people to learn and remember embossed, debossed, 3D and raised objects, that are easy to touch. Get to know about the use of decorating and debossing on the brochures.

Where to buy the brochures?

We have CMYK/PMS and all colors printing options for you. Get your quote right now! Write us an email [email protected] or start a free live chat with our customer representative.

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