City of Packaging has started his business in 1998, as this is the first time in our journey, COVID-19 has badly disturbed the Economies and business.

Our Contribution

As a Packaging company, we condemn the situation and we decided to contribute as much as we can. The core reason for the Corona Virus is social interactions. That’s why we are in alignment with the WHO. We have done these few things for our valued employees.

  • Provided 5000 Masks to our team members on 1st March.
  • We decided to reduce the social distance during this lockdown and we reduce the half time of production labor.
  • We provided special medical kits to the employees and reduces the staff from 2000 to 100 people.
  • We facilitate our employees by providing them extra salaries of one month.
  • A large number of employees are working from home, our digital marketing team, SEO team, Social media team, designers team, Content creation team is working from home.
  • Our office boys and other field workers are on paid leave.
  • We have reduced the support team and only providing the call support to the customers.
  • We have made it mandatory within the organization, the use of the masks, 3-meter distance, and washing of hands after every 20 minutes.
  • We have also provided sanitizers at every single table, and at the entry points of every door.
  • We have also reduced the price for all kinds of custom boxes, for the small and medium scale business.

We have also instructed them about the following things and done the following things our valuable customers.

  • We will not charge any extra amount or hidden charges during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Our shipping might be late due to the shipping delay.
  • We are providing doorstep delivery, just to reduce the social distance.
  • Because of the low volume of staff and high queries of the customers, we might have a delay in response, but we will reply on the same day.
  • We might respond late to you but we will call back. As our number of the customer support teams has reduced so we will only provide the limited assistance only on phone calls.

We are looking for better conditions in the world, and we will follow all the guidelines issued by the WHO.

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