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At City Of Packaging, we provide to manufacturers & suppliers,  with custom printed boxes solutions and custom packaging that meet consumer and product-specific needs.

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Custom Packaging

City of Packaging has provided new paths for the customization of packaging. These paths lead to the innovative and up to the mark packaging solutions. One of these paths includes the 4 color offset and digital printing. And rest are the quality and the personalization of the packaging. So, it is a platform where you can order all kind of customized packaging. More than 2000 styles and designs of cartons and packaging options are displayed here. Opt for the best one and we will print that style for you. If you need the customized and branded designs for your product, we will design it for you in a moment. Provide us the requirements and let us bring it into the shape. This customize design will comply and fulfill your requirements and specifications too. Buying wholesale printed boxes at your door step was never easy, but City of Packaging has made this easier and possible for you. As we have assisted thousands of retailers, wholesalers and businessmen by providing them perfect and branded packaging solutions.

Get Redesign your eco-friendly packaging and save the Planet!

City of Packaging is enthusiastic and passionate supporter of the eco-friendly and recyclable packaging that is not only good for the environment but also sustainable. So, we always use 100% recyclable packaging material. In addition to this, our premium wholesale boxes printing is cost effective and innovative. Our ten years services for customized packaging solutions, proudly made us a leading and pioneer company in the USA, Canada and Australia. You can start your order by just filling out this form, one of our dedicated customer support person will assist you from scratch to the end of the production and printing of your desired boxes. We are available here, 24/7 to obtain your queries and provide you the best possible solutions. Let City of Packaging your products packaging partner.

Custom Packaging and personalized Boxes – starts from here

Custom boxes are very common in the 21st century, almost 80% brands are using only branded and personalized packaging. The trend of the E-commerce packaging is at the boom and people expect more value in the packaging. We are here to add this value in your products. Actually, only 11% customers are satisfied with today’s packaging, and it is our core value to satisfy your packaging needs. Check here for updates, and explore the stunning boxes.

Amplify the first impression and impact of your product

The customization of the packaging allow you to add thematic typography and color combinations, this grabs the attention of the customer and help in branding. So, we focus on every single aspect of your box and deliver the best among all. The mix match of the product and packaging of the product help the customer in building the buying decision. Moreover, through customization you could get your desired cartons, and any kind of customization could be add according to originality and creativity of the product. Moreover, the structure of custom packaging boxes could be defined in your wish and the decoration become easy.

Custom Boxes

Such styling ideas, when align with your product, it makes them more prominent and help in standing out of the competition in the market. For this purpose, numerous options of styles and decorations are available to us. These new styles and decorations help your products to market themselves and speak among all other similar type of the products. The customized packaging is available in various stocks, we have corrugated, Kraft, bux board, cardboard and also in recyclable material. These material made cartons looks easier to develop, but a series of steps are involved till production of efficient boxes. This process starts from the scanning, assembling, die cutting, printing, lamination and delivery and doesn’t end till your satisfaction. All these steps require perfection and analysis has showed that by focusing on every single step leads to the perfection and finishing of the cartons. Packaging boxes that are customized, used in the whole world, different purposes are fulfilled by them. These are feasible for the products impacts and marketing, creating the brand image for the customers, shipping, transportation, decoration, displaying, electronics, safety, protection, retail and wholesale storage of the products. We have competitive rates and ensures the up to the mark and elegant quality for the boxes. We have 100% in-house production and our manufactured boxes promise to be designed and print in the most efficient way. Our quality assurance team make efforts and attention on the customer requirements and needs. Moreover, we use 100% recyclable material, as we are also green environment lover and want a safe environment. In addition to this, you can get the free shipping and designing, click here and get your first quote.

What are custom boxes?

City of Packaging has an array of customization options; now you can experience sensationalist and structural redeems for your product packaging. Such boxes have higher contentment level, this is only because of excellence and transcendence quality we used. These prepossessing and bewitching boxes are branded, and just a few clicks away from you. City of Packaging wholesale production is affordable. Next, to this, the astounding designs whip you out and force you to get rid of outdated and pathetic designs. Just give up and abolish them and avail the luxurious and prepossessing packaging. So, our one-stop services are customized and personalized. Opt for the competitive and latest designs launched by the COP, don’t stump yourself and just put forth your ideas and avail the vibrant and substantial templates.

Create distinctive customer’s impression through custom boxes:

We know the worth of customized as well as a personalized packaging solution for the escalation of sale of any sort of product. Business putt all of the efforts in order to provide their customers with something extra that make the customers bound to repurchase their product. The customization of the product packaging is one of that effort which constructs the first impression of the product in the mind of the consumers as it is the only thing that customers see before purchasing the product. 

Why brand require customized packaging?

Brands have their own identity that they want to provide to their products in order to create distinction among all competitive brands as the packaging is considered the face of the product. So. customization is the only solution that caters to unique packaging requirements of the brands. If you want to add your logs, brand messages, product information like ingredients and warnings on the faces of the custom boxes, you can initiate this requirement to our staff. We would print all such information through high-tech printing machinery. 

Divergent materials as per customer demand:

We also offer our customers to choose the material of their customized boxes as per their desire. If the customers want to go green, then we provide 100% recyclable custom boxes made up of Kraft material. On the other hand, if you like to pack your products in cardboard packaging, we print your cardboard boxes according to your demand. And if you require reliable and high-strength cartons, we prepare them with corrugated sheets. 

Endless opportunities for producing bewitching packaging:

Packaging requirements of all sort of product are not the same and therefore the need divergent packaging solution with variation in sizes, color schemes, designs, and add to this we offer particular impacts like a glossy, matte, wooden ton, tiger line, and textures that amplify the display of the products. it is preferred to use only branded boxes, this open new ways and opportunities for you you. All the major brands are more conscious about the branding, MacDonald packaging, Hardee's Packaging and other brands are the example. 

We make that you prefer:

Customers preferences regarding the packaging solutions are always our top priority, and that’s the reason in case of any query our representatives are 24/7 there to listen to you and resolve the issue in the shortest time. Although if you need to discuss your imaginative style of custom cox you can just communicate it with our talented designers and they would make your box as it is. So, to take advantage of discounted rates for wholesale custom boxes, place your order by filling the quotation form available on our website. You can check our custom cone sleeves here.

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Your own style, logo printed and customized size boxes are known as customized boxes.