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To impress your clients, you need up to mark and high-quality business cards. Premium quality business card with distinctive textures, effects, and tones are capable of bestowing upscale appearance to your business cards. Divergent types of variations are available in the designs and tones of the business card printing like matte effect, glossy, UV coated that reflects the ultraviolet sun rays. Addition to all these options, the unique and crisp writing styles for your text, vibrant designing options of logos and taglines, and easy durable handling make the business cards more creative for beholders. So, be quick to have a personalized experience of the business card by adding your requisites to the final look of the cards. Thus, to accomplish this purpose, we offer custom business card printing choices with limit fewer designs, sizes, color schemes, and texting fonts and sizes. However, double side printing with one side glossy and other side matte is also a trendier style of printing business cards nowadays. One most important thing we add to your cards is the Eco-friendly material that is 100% decompose and helps to maintain the environment clean. If you are interested in having a quality card for your brand, then do visit our online shop.

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Cards, quick delivery, easy printing process and affordable solutions by COP

Business cards are used for the marketing, publicity, and branding of the business. These are mandatory and essential for business. These are used for the sales calls, business network, and public relations building. With the quickest turnaround, 4-color printing, CMYK, PMS, black and white options, you can obtain these customized business cards.

UV coating and layering of business cards

Our business cards printing is done under specialized equipped labs, with UV coating makes them more durable. This coating makes the cards durable, waterproof, and high glossy. The surface gets shiny and smooth. These cards represent your business and cant be overlooked. We use CMYK/PMS, and plain business card printing raised ink with embossing and debossing effect append and opulent look to the business cards.

Several business cards printing options

  • Cards with rounded corner options
  • Cards with square corner options
  • Transparent cards
  • Customized business cards
  • Personalized business cards
  • Cards with logo printed on them
  • Unique style typography and branded business cards

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Customized business cards printing

City of Packaging provide all customized cards printing solutions, through customization you can avail desired dimension, style, fold, colors, inks, materials, and size of the business cards. We have significant variants of the downloadable and customized business cards templates and designs. Opt for the most suitable one or share your artwork with COP we will design business cards for you. If you need any modification or new model we will create for free and deliver at your doorstep. We have professional graphic designers and die-cutting automated machines. Such latest devices of business cards printing can produce 100 to 100,000 cards with high end finishing options. So, you are at the right place, order now and get additional cards over 1000 cards printing.

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