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Bags are being used by almost every retailer or product seller to provide ease of handling the products during transit. Brand practice to pack their products for a corporate giveaway in marvelous bags. For marketing purpose, most of the business recommend having the printed bag with logos of their brands. All the efforts are made just to create brand awareness or customer satisfaction about the brand. Therefore, the only way to cater to the unique printing requirements of the branded bags is custom bag printing. In such printing, the customer is able to freely chose the style, size, design, color, fonts, texting style, or each and every inch of their bag. However, if customer desire to go green, then highly recyclable and reusable bags with non-toxic ink are a satisfactory option for you. In this context, Kraft bags and printed brown paper bags are also a reasonable option. We offer all sort of bag printing choices for our customers at superb discounted rates. So it is the right time to place an order with the City Of Packaging and grab discounts.

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Bags are printed for couple of reasons; marketing, publicity, branding and comfort ability are the top of the list. The purpose of storage and transportation with the ease in handling make them prominent and up to the mark. Such paramount importance can never be overlooked. Add to this, all the brands, corporate sectors, NGOs fundraising events, Christmas, weddings and events use custom logo printed bags. Moreover all the marketing campaigns use these customized and personalized bags in a variety of sizes, colors, themes, materials and branding. City of Packaging provide all types of customized bags printing and production at wholesale prices. Obtain your own design and artwork printing bags at your doorstep. These are eye-catching, alluring, appealing and mesmerizing shopping bags, this attracts the passersby in the aisle and generate more sales.

Why order custom printed bags from City of Packaging?

We have best printing machines, we are looming and update in our machines and synchronized with the best and latest machines. Moreover, we have cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and paper made bags printing options. We use CMYK/PMS, 4 colors, full colors and die-cut bags printing and packaging solutions. For customized and personalized bags this is the right place for you. We have industry expert’s team, 200 plus structural designs for all kinds of cartons printing and production. Furthermore, our inks are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about such weather related worrisome. We respect what you are pouring into the pool of the bags printing and we care for your returns on this investment. That’s why we have “Packaging with satisfaction”.

Where to buy customized printed bags?

Definitely, we are the printing supplier and leader in the industry, we have up to the mark and up to the standard bags printing wholesale solutions for you. Free shipping, free designing and quick turnaround makes us different from others. Such eye-catching bags are liked by all customers and loom you as a brand. Add to this, we have materials which are 100% Eco-friendly and biodegradable. So, green environment lover can also obtain the eco-friendly printed bags. Their appearance is awesome and all and sundry like them. Your printed logo and branding will make other crush to obtain one for them, and in this way all the small and large corporate and business need these bags and highlight their products and services. This also differentiates you from your competitors and loom you as a brand. So, we have bags printing solutions that are according to your requirements. Such bags convey the brand message, spread your voice to the large number of audience and a tool of marketing.

What technologies we use for the printing of the bags?

As we have totally customized and personalized cartons for you. Inclusion with this, the additional add-ons of matte, glossy, UV coating, gold foiling and silver foiling are produced here. The addition of the embossing and deposing effects with raised inks append extra value and opulent look in the bags. We have digital printing, offset printing and automate screen printing techniques. All these techniques in combination please your customers and yield extra ordinary high end finishing bags for you. Moreover, the fabric made thread and cardboard made handles in the bags make them more convenient and comfortable. So, entrusting COP will deliver you up to the mark and handsome bags printing solutions at your doorstep.

The custom bags printing process

We have the simplest 3 step procedure for the printing of the bags.

  • Design and information gathering of detail work
  • Sampling and printing
  • Production and delivery

Just fill this form and get your desired bags at your doorstep. Write an email to us at [email protected] or start a live chat with one of our customer support team.

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