What and How

What is block printing?

Block printing

Block printing is one of the oldest printmaking methods used. When there was no printing press invented, the books were printed with the big blocks. The blocks had the letters and the designs engraved on them, and they were dipped into the ink and then pressed on the material on which they had to leave the print. Block printing generally refers to the technique of using cut pieces of woods to get the prints imprinted on the fabrics or any other material.

Earlier, people used it for making full-length books but now as the printing press is available; this method is just famous for printing designs on the fabrics. The blocks are still engraved with beautiful designs, and they are dipped into the colors and then put directly on the fabric and trust me, it leaves beautiful prints on the fabric.

History of block printing

The block printing method was originated from china over the 2000 years ago, and from there it becomes popular in India. The block printing method is widely used in India to make beautiful printing fabrics. The special printing method was very common till 2019 in ASIA, and after that it was a little neglected due to other new printing techniques. Earlier, block printing was especially done on the fabrics to get the artwork on it, but later, this amazing printing method was also tested with the paper, and it became successful and common.

Block printing is simple yet beautiful

Block printing is one of the easiest printing methods in the printing industry. All you have to do is engrave your specific design on the wooden block and then choose your favorite color and print that block design on the fabric. Other than that, this method is easy in way that if you want to add a new design to the block, it is way too easy. It could be done in a few minutes, and then you can use the block for a long time. To give the fabrics a beautiful touch and uniqueness, no other printing method is best. If you want something simple yet beautiful, this is what you should choose for your fabric printing.

Block printing gives the perfect finish

When it comes to getting the best finishing results for your fabric printing, no other method can beat the block printing method. The reason behind this is that the designs craved on the blocks are so sharp and fine that when they leave the print on the fabric, it ends up giving the perfect sharpness and fine detailing to that print. The accuracy and the fine detailing attained by block printing method are unmatchable and unbeatable.

Block printing is cost-effective

Block printing is a cost-effective method of printing on fabric. For printing designs on the fabric, all you need is wooden blocks and fabric colors. Other fabric printing methods are quite expensive, such as screen printing. Screen printing requires a lot of money to set up the screen, and the process is also quite long.  But with block printing, you can save your time and money both.