What is fair packaging and labeling act?

Fair packaging and labeling act (FPLA)

The fair packaging and labeling act is one of the most famous laws related to packaging and was enacted in 1966. This act is designed for consumer protection and to ask the FDA and FTC to formulate the regulations related to the product packaging and its labeling. This act states clearly that the makers of the products are supposed to mention the complete information about the product on the packaging, and a proper label should be marked on it.

This act was formulated to make sure that the buyers are given clear information about the product from which they can differentiate between various products and choose the best for them. The reason to regulate this act was to stop the unfair and wrong packaging of the home-based buyer’s item.

Definition of packaging and labeling according to FPLA

Concerning this act, the package generally means any box or wrapping that includes buyer’s item and it is packed in that specific box and showcased for sale. The definition excludes the following:

  1. Delivery compartments and wrapping for the deliverance of things in mass from makers to retailers and the other way around
  2. Transportation compartments and wrapping without printed matter about substance utilized by retailers to send or convey items to their clients

Whereas labeling is referred to as any written name, brand name, or any specific graphic that is used to denote the brand offering that product in the market.

Fair packaging and labeling act requirements

There are specific requirements associated with the fair packaging and labeling act. The act states that the label on the household items must contain the below-given information on it:

  1. The name of the product must be mentioned on the package
  2. The place of the product’s manufacturing, the name of the maker, the package designers, and the seller must be mentioned on the box.
  3. The actual weight of the product must be mentioned on the packaging in terms of pounds, kgs, etc.

 Proclaiming expert and authorization

As per the fair packaging and labeling act, all the instructions are to be followed for the food, cosmetics, drugs, and medical instruments packaging. The law is limited to be followed for the packaging of all types of household items.

Products exempted from fair packaging and labeling act

  • The regulations followed by FTC with this specific act are not applied to the items that are sold for any organizational or industry use
  • It is not applied to the packaging of any insecticide or any other product that falls in any other act.
  • There are certain products that are exempted from this act. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • All type of meat including chicken, fish, and goat or cow meat packaging is not included in this act
  • The packaging of tobacco does not lie within this act
  • The packaging of clothes is not included in this act
  • Car devices and parts do not have to follow any specific packaging requirements of FPLA