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How to remove GoPro from the packaging?

Are you a beginner with a GoPro? We are sure that you will be tackling the mounting of the GoPro from the packaging because it requires so much pressure and techniques. It is quite challenging to open the casing of the GoPro Hero, but the companies do make sure that they mention each and every critical instruction on the manual. The manual consists of the information about how to open the casing those are attached to protect the camera from any damage and provide it an airtight environment. The latch that is attached to the packaging is removable, but it requires a lot of power and strength. Make sure that whenever you buy a GoPro, never try to reveal it from the packaging on your own. Take help of the manual, and if not, then here are three simple steps with you can remove the latch from the packaging and get your GoPro out of the packaging quickly.

  • Unmounts your GoPro

The first step you need to perform is to know that your GoPro is not fixed to anything. Make sure that that the GoPro is not attached to the camera mount when you open it. GoPro this, you need to see the base of the camera, and there you will see a rubber latch clip that is placed to secure the camera. To start the GoPro unpacking procedure, first, you need to do hold this rubber latch in shape similar to the horseshoe.

  • Pull both the prongs together

Now the next step is to attach the prongs together that were at both sides of the rubber latch. The prongs need some pressure to get connected, so be sure that you apply the right pressure. These prongs are basically the tools of the camera, and they are required when you want to attach any GoPro mount. When the camera is dispatched from the packaging, these prongs will also come off with it.

  • Push the camera towards yourself to remove

To get the camera out, you need to push the camera away with some pressure while you are making the prongs comes closer to each other. These prongs usually help the camera to stay at its place, and this is stopping the camera from moving and coming out of the packaging. While attaching the prongs, make sure that you are applying good power because they are quite tight as they were holding the camera at its place. If the prongs are not moving towards each other and the camera is not moving from its place, here you need to apply some more pressure. You can also take some help from your elders.

These are the three simple steps to remove your GoPro from the latch easily. All you need is some expert advice and good power. The locks and the prongs are quite tight, and they need to get pulled together so you might have to ask someone to help you. Make sure that you do not give any damage to the GoPro and take it out of the packaging easily with care.