What is the foil stamping process on brochures?

Foil stamping process

Foil stamping also known as foil printing is one of the best printing methods that are obtained by the application of metallic or any other pigmented foil on any surface to get the desired design printed on it in form or foil.

Foil stamping process on brochures

The process involves the use of particular metal dies that are used with the help of heat and pressure so they can leave a thin layer of foil on the paper related materials. Foil stamping is the best way if you want to print any individual textures such as matte, glossy, glittery, or any holographic design. The foil stamping is the most commonly adopted method for printing or letting onto the brochures, greeting cards, packaging, and many others. To make your folder look attractive and eye-catching, I don’t think that you can get any other way better than getting it foil stamped. The reason behind this is that people always go with the brands that are good at their advertisement and if you choose foil stamping for brochure they will automatically promote your brand.

Make brochures attractive with a different type of foil stamping

There are multiple methods to sue the foil stamping, and some of them are mentioned below. You can read them and choose the best way of foil stamping for your brochure:

  • To make your folder look shiny, you can use shiny metallic foil stamping such as blue, golden, silver, red colors. Using such bright colors will attract the audience towards your brochures.
  • To add any bold statement or your brand’s name on the brochure, always go with pigmented metallic foil as it will make the statement look pop up and prominent.
  • Get your brochure printed with deep colored metallic foil to give it an elegant look. The deep colored foil will pop your folder among others
  • To give an extraordinary touch to the brochure and enhance the chances of getting more customers, spend more money, and get holographic images stamped on the folder.

Tips on how to use foil-stamped brochures

There are many factors that you need to put in concern while using and to deign your foil stamped brochure. It depends upon the material you are using how your advertisement comes out. Right paper, colors, foils are required to get the right foil stamp brochure

  • Foil stamping process on advertisement works best on the paper that is smooth and thicker. Do not go with the textures such as linen because using such touch will make your stamped foil look rough.
  • Foil stamping process can be used with the folding brochure. You need to be clear that the folding part does not have any foil stamping because it won’t stay durable due to the crease.
  • The foil stamping process is ink-free and opaque, so it’s better to use dim shaded foil with a darker shaded brochure. With a more colored shaded background, the light shade of foil will go the best and will make perfect combination,