Hang tag design examples


If you a fashion designs then you must be aware of hang tags but let’s give it a short review. Hang tags are referred to as the labels that are used by the owners to attach to the products. The hang tags are a convenient way to add short information about the products and mostly sued to display the price of the product. Whenever we go for some fabric shopping, before buying any dress, we usually see the tag attached to it to see the price, that tag is called hand tag.

The hang tags are not just simple tags that are hung to provide the information, but they are an excellent way when you want to promote your business and increase the chance of your sale. It is seen that people mostly buy those products which have hang tags attached to them having short information, so it is strategically an excellent way to enhance your business.

Types of hang tags

Horizontal hang tags

The flat hang tags are mostly used for the parking purpose. You can also call them parking permit tags. The horizontal hangtags give a lot of space to add the token number that helps to know how many cars are parked. Other than that the horizontal hang tags also stick to the vehicles if the vehicle crosses that way daily. Once you get the horizontal hangtag stick to your car, you can quickly enter into the parking without waiting to get the parking ticket.

Vertical hang tags

Vertical hang tags are most commonly seen attached to the clothes. Varieties of vertical hang tags are available in the market. These hang tags come in various sizes, and you can choose your desired size. Vertical hang tags look classy and are more in trend. They have an excellent lettering area, so you can quickly mention the price and the information about the product. Other than the two sides of this hang tag allows the user to print the company’s logo on it as well. Searching for a hang tag that completes all the requirements of your displayed garments? Go for the vertical hang tags.

Folded hang tags

The folded hang tags are one of the unique and elegant hang tags. They are mostly seen attached to the perfume bottles. They look classier, and the brand’s owner can add a detailed description about the product such as the ingredients, features, etc. The reason they are mostly seen with the perfume bottles is tester strips are attached to the inner side of these hang tags so the customer can test the perfume and make their final decision at the spot.

Best marketing tool

Hang tags are known as the best marketing tools as most of the people trust the brand’s that have hang tags with their products. The hang tags have the brand’s name that enhances the trust between the customer and the brand. A little investment in getting hang tags with each of your hang tags can turn out to be positive for your business.