How to recycle Styrofoam?

Why recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is another name of exploded polystyrene that is used to pack shipping products and also used to make disposable plates, coffee cups, and other food packaging. The use of Styrofoam is increasing in the market because the EPS is quite cheap than all other packaging methods, but this type of packaging is not naturally degraded which means that it is harmful to the earth and our surroundings. The best way to decrease the detrimental effects of Styrofoam is to recycle it for some other cause. Styrofoam is useful in making multiple school projects, and if you are a regular shopper and deal with heavy products by delivering them through shipping than you can easily make use of Styrofoam packaging more than on time.

We are here with a few helpful methods to recycle Styrofoam and help to make your earth and surrounding healthy. If all of us follow the below-mentioned methods to recycle Styrofoam, our planet would be a much better place to live.

Search for a drop off site of Styrofoam

The first thing you can do to recycle your used Styrofoam is to find for a trusted drop off location uniquely specified for Styrofoam recycling. For this, you can call your area’s recycling program and ask them about the specific drop off zones that recycle Styrofoam. Styrofoam is not recovered with other stuff, so you need to be careful that you choose and give the Styrofoam for recycling at the right place.

Carry your Styrofoam to Publix

The Publix chain is ubiquitous in the grocery stores of the American south. Their grocery stores do have the drop-off areas for the Styrofoam. Check for those grocery stores or the recycling areas that recycle Styrofoam and if you do not have such places for Styrofoam drop off then check at the commercial areas near you because they always have dropped off areas for such recycling stuff. The Publix take the Styrofoam to the right place for recycling, and the recycled Styrofoam is used for other packaging’s, in this way less Styrofoam is produced.

Clean your Styrofoam packaging

The procedure of recycling Styrofoam is not performed correctly if the packaging is not clean. Make sure that the Styrofoam packaging you are giving for the recycling purpose is fresh from any food leftovers, oils, tape, and other contaminants. EPS is a particular type of packaging, and it requires a lot of look after taking them to recycling centers.

Start your own recycling program

If you are not comfortable with giving your used Styrofoam to your nearest recycling center than it’s not an issue at all. You can still recycle the Styrofoam by setting up your own recycling program. You can collaborate with the businessman and your local society members to help you set up your own recycling center for Styrofoam and help you to change your surroundings. Ask the help of those countries which get a lot of Styrofoam packaging in this way you will be able to develop trust among your society members.