What is non-retail packaging?

When it comes to the selection of packaging by the wholesalers for their products, none other packaging can beat the non-retail packaging. Non-retail packaging is the best option to pack the bulk of similar products. This packaging is identical to the retail packaging when it comes to the product’s protection, but it is far better than retail packaging in many ways. When you want to ship similar products in bulk then instead of spending a lot of time in selecting multiple extra boxes, box design and avoid useless production cost. You can use the retail packaging if you want your products to be displayed at the shelves of the stores, but if you are selling some merchandise to a company in bulk then you can choose the non-retail packaging as it is economical than retail packaging

Frustration-free packaging

The non-retail packaging is also called frustration-free packaging as it is convenient for both the seller and the buyer. You need not wait to unpack the bulky packaging of the product to take out your product as the frustration-free packaging is lightweight, yet providing the right protective layering to your product while being shipped. Nonretail packed items, or frustration-free packed products are best to buy when you want to use the product instead of reselling it.

Non-retail packaging is easy to open

With the products that come in non-retail packaging, you need not struggle anymore to open the box because the non-retail packaging does not come with any excessive inner boxes to secure the product. The packaging is so easy to open that you can just give it a flip or pull and get your product out of it. With non-retail packaging, the customers have a plus point for not waiting so long to open the tricky packaging as this is the most convenient packaging that is opened within a couple of seconds.

Non-retail packaging is cost-friendly

It is evident that when you decrease the size of the packaging by avoiding putting any extra protection, the production cost will decrease likewise. With non-retail packaging, you do not need any additional material such as fillers or any tapes that means that you save a lot of money if you choose not retail packaging. Moreover, non-retail packaging does not require any printing; it is just a simple cardboard box that is equal to the size of your product. If using no retail packaging, you can also save the packaging printing cost. Similarly, with the shipping, the shipping cost is also charged concerning the weight of the box, it is evident that if the size of the box will be less, you will be charged less for the shipping as well.

Non-retail packaging is environment-friendly

Made with a progressively proficient bundling structure, and built utilizing significantly less bundling materials, non-retail packaging isn’t just a partner to enable clients to battle wrap rage, yet it is likewise a companion to the earth. Furthermore, it is made out of 100% recyclable materials.