What and How

How to make your own packaging?

What is packaging

The packaging is the activity that is designed and done for the wrapping and covering of the products. Products do have their own importance, but when it comes to the packaging, it is necessary that your product’s packaging is graceful and protective. Many companies give preference to a good packaging rather than the quality of the product because they believe that if the packaging of the product is eye-catching, the customers will automatically get attracted towards their product, so they try to spend more money on the packaging of the products. 

Why is packaging important?

Packaging of the product is important in every aspect for the company or the buyer both. Here are some of the important facts regarding packaging that makes it worth it:


A good product and trusted company always take precautionary measures to protect their products from being damaged. Good packaging always gives a good protective layer to protect, and due to the layering the product stays at its place while being shipped.

Convincing product decisions

Most of the packaging nowadays contains the entire information about the product. Information such as ingredients, nutrients, and the country of origin placed on the packaging makes it easier for the buyer to decide whether to buy the product or not at once.


The packaging gives attraction to the product. Whether your product has good quality or not, if your product is packed perfectly then, more chances are there that it will gain the attraction of customers towards itself. It is recommended that the product owners to have a good budget for their product’s packaging and come up with new and unique packaging ideas that are new to people yet durable.

Manufacturing of packaging

 Choosing the right packaging materials are a significant factor. Paper or board is the biggest single material utilized in Australia, with about 36% of the absolute Australian bundling market, trailed by plastics (30%), metal (20%), glass (10%) and different materials (4%). 

Picking the correct material relies upon your item and procedures. Your packaging decision needs to adaptable enough to manage item advancements, SKU changes, new items, and variations. There have been numerous new advancements in a lighter weight, higher performing packaging materials, which can limit the capacity necessities and transport costs while amplifying the item’s worth and claim. Evaluate any changes expected to your generation line procedure and hardware.

The two top things that must be considered for the manufacturing of the packaging are

  • The flexibility of the material
  • Procedure capacity of the material

Equipment required for the packaging manufacturing procedure

Many major equipment are required for the manufacturing of packaging, and they are quite expensive as they are used in huge packaging manufacturing industries, yet we are here with a few main types of equipment that are seen in every packaging industry all over the world:

  • Case Sealers.
  • Case Erectors / Tray Former.
  • Case Former.
  • Stretch Wrapping Equipment
  • Shrink Wrapping Equipment
  • Labeling and Inkjet Printing
  • Strapping, Banding, Tying
  • Workstations and others