How to make a custom box?

Cardboard boxes are one of the best forms of packaging by which you can give your product a [perfect look and size. The custom boxes are more in trend as they give perfect protection to the product as well. They are quite easy to make, and all you want is cardboard, glue, and cutter, and you can make your new perfect shaped custom cardboard box at home on your own. 

The custom boxes are especially used for the expensive products that need proper protection, and the cardboard’s multiple layers provide that specific protection. Another quality of custom boxes is that they keep the food safe and fresh for a long time, and because of that, many brands prefer to sell their manufactured foods in custom boxes. Other than the benefits mentioned above, the packaging idea with custom boxes is cost-friendly at the same time.

We are here with a few simple steps with which you can make your own custom box at home easily according to the size of your product you wanted to pack:

Break down

Once you have got your desired cardboard now the first thing that you will do is to grab a cutter and detach the tape attached to the corners of the cardboard piece. You want a straight layer of cardboard, and for that, you need to cut the corner attached together to get along, straight lying cardboard shape that could be folded easily.

Mark the sides

Now when you have a long, straight piece of cardboard, you are ready to start making your desired size custom box. Place the item on the cardboard you want to pack. Have an idea about how many places your item would require to pack providing proper protection. Once you are done with your estimate, take a marker and mark the size of the cardboard you want to cut. Make sure that you mark a good portion of size so that your product remains safe and fit in the custom box.

Cut to size

The other step is to grab a cutter and cut the marked size. In this way, you can get rid of the excessive cardboard piece and get your desired size of cardboard easily. Make sure that you cut the size equally. A good way to get the perfect cut is that you leave an inch and cut it from behind that will give you a margin also if you make a mistake in your cutting step.

Flip and Fold

For this step you will pick the item from the box and fold it according to the shape of your item, once the box is folded and it is shaped as four corners box, now you can easily attach the corners with the help of tape. Use an excessive amount of tape at the corner and the edges so that your box is fully protected.

Opening fix

The last step is to close the box. Put your item in the box and close the opening of the box with the help of glue or some more tape. You might have some extra cardboard on the opening side that is not an issue you can easily cut it with cutter and close the opening. And your custom box is ready to roll.