How to open clam shell packaging?

The clamshell packaging no doubt is the best packaging among all others when it comes to secure the food from any damage, and they are especially used for the products that are shipped so they can stay fresh and safe with the help of clamshell packaging. 

No doubt the clamshell packaging is safest, but it is quite difficult to bring out the product out of this packaging. As this packaging is used for shipping products, so they are made in a way that they are difficult to open. Many customers complain that they find difficulty in opening this type of packaging. 

If you also find it difficult to open the packaging, then this is the right place for you because this article contains easy ways to open clamshell packaging. You can open clamshell packaging easily within few seconds and can get rid of regular hustle and bustle with the opening of clamshell packaging. 

There are many methods with which you can open the clamshell packet, but most of them will cause damage to your hands or fingers, but we have come up with the 3 best and safe methods with which you can resolve your issue. 

Perforation method

Due to massive complaints from the customer’s many manufacturers are now placing perforations, or slits at the back of the packaging so that they can easily open the package and get their product out of it. This is not necessary that you will get such perforations or slits with every clamshell package, but some products might have such openers at the back. So before heading to any other step for opening the package, must look at the back of the packet to find if there is any opening point or not. Other than that, you can also look at the sides that if there is any pop together tab that is easy to pull apart.

Can opener method

If there is no opening point given on the package and you find it difficult to open the package in such case you can use a can opener to open the packaging. It is one of the easiest and safest way to open it without even harming your hands or fingers. All you need to do it to grab a can opener and snatch one side of the packaging with the help of it. The sharp edges of the can will peel off the plastic, and you’ll get a nice space to open the plastic packaging easily. Once the corner is peeling off now grab a knife and insert that knife from that peeled off plastic corner. You can now easily open the entire packaging with the help of a knife. This is the hack with you can easily open the clamshell packaging without even damaged your fingers. 

Commercial product method

If you do not want to try the can opener method, then you can spend some money on buying specific commercial product openers that are specially designed to open such packaging. They are not very reliable, so instead of buying these instruments, you can easily try to open the packaging with a perforation method or by can and knife opening method.