What is scratch-off foil?

Scratch off foil

Scratch off foil is referred to as the heat generated foil stamps that are used to hide some numeric information or any other exclusive information on the products. The scratch-off foil can be easily removed by scratching the foil with the corner of the coin. Beneath the foil is useful information mentioned by the product’s company. Usually, a standard die marks the foil on the desired area, and the die leaves the foil on to the place where you want to hide some information.

Scratch off foil products is mostly seen at the giveaways and on many lucky draw games. You can use the scratch-off foil for many other products as it does not have any limitations on its use. The most use of scratch-off foil is on mobile data cards. Almost all of use daily use the mobile cards and scratch the foil with the coin to reveal the number. The number beneath the foil is the code by which you can get your number credited.

Functions of scratch off the foil

  • The first function of the scratch-off foil is that it acts as a visible barrier mask. Barrier mask means that it helps to hide the information and the reason it is called visible barrier is that the foil is popped out and is of different color that makes it visible to the customers so that they can scratch it and fetch the hidden information.
  • The other function of the scratch-off foil is that it acts as validation steel that keeps the information at its place safe and secure.

Features and benefits of scratch off the foil

There are multiple features and benefits of using scratch-off foils while some of them are listed below for you:

  • The shiny colors of the foil make the hidden information popped up. The scratch-off foils come in two colors, golden and silver. Suing these foils to make your customers excited for what’s hidden under it quite worthy.
  • Variable Data for sweepstakes, PINs, codes, sequential numbering, barcodes, names, winning numbers, and names, locations, or images.
  • Full-Color Printing on Premium Paper Stocks provides durability and the highest standard of quality commercial print. The selection of papers includes 100PCW-recycled stocks.

Scratch off foil usage areas

There are multiple areas where people use scratch-off foils; some of them are mentioned below:


Fundraisers use the scratch card having scratch-off foils that cost about 1-5 dollars, and people buy those tickets and then scratch the foil to see that what they have won for 5 dollars.

Eatery cards

Many restaurants give their customers the scratch cards that have scratch-off foil under which their luck is hidden. The tickets might b lucky for the customers, and they win a free dines in by scratching the scratch-off foil.

The scratch-off foil method is quite suitable for increasing your customers and energizing them in buying the scratch cards to try their lucks. There are multiple uses of scratch-off foils and trust me; none of them ever disappoints the users.