Different types of table tents

A Table Tent is a profitable, self-standing brand promoting unit made from printed and collapsed cardstock. As the name suggests, table tents are intended to be set on the table, just as counters, work areas, or some other even surface.

They are some of the time alluded to as tent cards, and table tents go about as smaller than ordinary boards. They are quite often imprinted in full shading for most extreme effects. A similar work of art can be marked on both upstanding boards so it very well may be seen from either side of each board can be printed with an alternate reality.

Types of table tents

There are multiple types of table tents, and all are beneficial on their own. Three of the most commonly used shapes or types of table tents are explained below:

  • A shaped table tent
  • Standing triangular table tent
  • Pyramid-shaped table tent

A shaped table tent

A shaped table tent is the most basic type of table tent. It has two sides where you can get the desired information or images printed. They are mostly sued at the restaurants on the tables and consist of special offers presented by the restaurants. Shaped table tents come in various sizes so you can choose your desired size from a long list. They are customizable, which means that you can use them effectively for your brand or restaurant marketing. By adding table tents to your table, you can add fun to your schedule, and it is informative at the same time. You can get two in one advantage with just a simple A-shaped table tent. The two-sided display of this table tent let both the viewer to see and read the information mentioned on it at the same time.

Standing triangular table tent

Another fantastic and cost-effective way to promote your business is to add another design of table tent known as stand triangular table tent. Triangular mean three-sided table tent that goes straight to the point that this type of table tent is more noticeable and advantageous. You can add more information on this type of table tent. Similar to the A-shaped table tent, the standing triangular table tent comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Displaying the deals on the table tents let the customers notice them often and it leads to more sales. The three edges of the triangular table tent help the tent to stand on the table and keep on promoting your business.

Pyramid-shaped table tent

Table tent offers an extraordinary chance to get your data before an engaged group of spectators. Disperse your unusual idea to eateries around town, organizations for gathering updates, or up and coming corporate occasions by using the pyramid-shaped table tents. Nothing goes significant other than taking your customers back to the ancient times by using this tremendous pyramid-shaped table tent. Even if they never noticed any table tent and had always ignored them, we can assure you that this design will capture their attention.