How to make a book box?

Book box and how to make them?

A book box is a special kind of customizable box that includes all the reading material that is essential for the beginner reader. The book box is used to put the book safely into something protective that secures the book from being damaged. Having a book box is a good option for you if you a book worm and love to read text. With the help of book box, you can keep your special and daily to use books separated from ordinary documents. It’s just like a small library of every individual child that makes them close to reading and plays a vital role in enhancing students reading skills.

How to make a book box?

Want to create your book box at home? No problem at all. You can make your book box easily with just few simple steps. Today, we are here with some easy steps to make your book box at home and put your secret books in it.

Material collection

The first step to make your book box is to collect all the necessary materials that are required to design it. The list is short, but not even a single material can be skipped. You need to get a hardcover book, Elmer’s glue, paintbrush, edgy knife, ruler, and a paint pallet to pour the glue.

Glue stage

The glue stage has two steps; the first step is that you need to take the paint pallet and pour the glue into it. You can use any other surface to pour the paste that you want to use. Now take your paintbrush and apply glue to the entire three sides. This will help the pages to stay at their place.

After that, you need to take your glued book and take two sticky notes. Place the sticky notes on both sides of the front cover. After that take some hefty books and place your fixed paper under those heavy books so that the glue dries on time and every side is adequately hardened. The heavy books will maintain pressure and will drain the glue earlier and in a stronger way.

Cutting out the pages

Open the book and take your ruler to trace the shape of the rectangle on the inside pages of it. Do not cut the edges; always leave a right amount to page from the corners. Then take the knife to cut the traced lines drawn with the ruler. Cut the pages carefully and keep your fingers safe from the blade. Be sure that the sides of the trimmed pages are nicely decorated otherwise it won’t be convenient to place your books in it.

Repeat flattening process

To make your book box durable and robust it’s good to flatten the book box once again under heavy books. Another way to crush the book box in a more delightful way to keep it under the heavy books overnight. You will observe that the book box is stronger enough for long term use.


And here the book box making procedure ends. You can now keep your favorite box secured in your book box at home.