How to open clamshell packaging with hands?

Clam shell packaging

Clam shell packaging is one of the most common packaging used to pack various products such as scissors, food products, and much other stuff. Clam shell packaging is good because it provides a protective layering to the food or any product packed in it. It is lightweight and cost-effective that makes it more common in the market. Besides its protective layering and affordable feature, it does have a single disadvantage as well. Many customers complain that they find it quite challenging to open clam shell packaging because this rigid plastic is quite tight and requires a lot of strength.

Here are a few ways with which you can learn how to open a clamshell packaging with hands easily. You just need a few tools and you are done with the opening of your clamshell packing

Knife method

It’s not easy to play with sharp tools but trusts me these clam shell packaging won’t open with using such sharp tools. The knife has a sharp edge that can easily cut away the plastic, and you can use any sharp knife available at your place. First, you need to know what type of clam shell packaging does your product have. After that, get your hands on the sharpest knife available in your kitchen. Never cut the clam shell packaging directly from the middle. Take the knife and start inserting the knife into your clam shell packaging from the edges of the packaging. Once the tip is open, you can easily split away from the entire packaging.

Scissors method

Another tool that can help you to open your clam shell packaging is our very own sharp tool “SCISSORS.” When using such edgy tools, be careful that you do not cut your fingers. People always come across such incident that they cut their fingers while using the scissors. However, always keep your fingers safe whenever using this method. Hold your clam shell packaging and take a scissor, now as the previous method, cut the edge of the rigid plastic with the scissors. Believe me; it’s just the game of the edge cutting after that you can easily pull apart the entire vinyl and take your product out of it.

Commercial products method

Another method that could be used to open a clam shell packaging with hands is using the commercial products that are uniquely designed to open such packaging. Commercial products are readily available in the markets, but this method is a bit pricey as you have to buy the openers. If you purchase such products that have clam shell packaging often then purchasing such products is worthy of spending.

Tin snip method

They’re mostly the most keen, simplest to-utilize scissors ever and they’re made to guard your hands when you’re slicing through things like sheet metal that end up with an extremely sharp edge. The edge that these cuts make with the plastic bundling protects your fingers, and the way that they’re so keen thus stable implies that you won’t battle, slip, and inadvertently cut yourself. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to open clam shell packaging with your hands and tin snip.