How High-quality DIY color label printing made easy?

The exclusion QL-120X

The DIY color label printing has never been an easy task to perform. It requires a lot of expensive technologies, types of machinery, and a lot of investment is needed to get the desired results. Moreover all these expenses to get the required results for most of the manufacturers were quite tricky but not anymore. Here is the new exclusive QL-120X machine that is specifically designed to make the DIY color label printing more accessible than ever before. The device is quite comfortable when it comes to its use and installation. It can give the user up to 1200*1200 dpi color labels. This is one of the best machines for short or long run use. And now it’s time to break the news that this machine is going to be displayed at the upcoming event named MinnPack on October 23 and 24th 2019.

Affordable machine giving high-quality results

All of us are always interested in saving our money as much as possible, but all the [printers that are required for the color label printing is quite expensive, and they do not even give the necessary results. Overcoming this issue, the QL-120X is a compact printer that is entirely under the budget of many manufacturers, and the most significant benefit of using this machine is that it provides enormous cost-saving while delivering amazing results. The users can get high color label prints by using a cheaper printer. The printer will give the user’s demanded labels and prints for sure.

Features of QL-120X

This fantastic printer has many highlights you can count on.  This exclusive printer is designed on the pioneering Kiaro. This machine is supported to give high-quality prints of 1200*1200 dpi color labels under a very minimum cost. You can get a range of narrowness while using this printer for your work. You can get the tags as narrow as 0.5 inches to 4.2 inches. What else do you want from your color labeling printing machine? This exclusive printing machine is going to come with two years warranty so that the customers can refer to the company if any issue occurs to the device or their labeling prints. The colors used by the printer are super pigmented which assures that you will not regret buying this printer to get high-quality prints. This is a lifetime money-saving technology that the entire color label print manufacturer must-have. All these features are what you look up into a machine to get desired work under low cost.

The story of an added X in the name

Most of you would have noticed an addition in the name of the printer. Yes! It’s an added X by the company. This X is added to the name because it represents that the printer has an extended life than the previous version. It is capable of giving three times more the color labels than the real QL-120.  The machine is capable of working for a longer lifetime, and the quality of the prints won’t be affected even after great use.