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For the packaging of favors your party, birthday, and other events, we offer highly custom and unique favor boxes that provide a fun alternative to your simple favor packaging. So, grab your perfect favor box from our versatile collection of favor box packaging. In addition to this, save your money by getting discounts on wholesale favor boxes. However, our designer uses creative accessories to add value and essence of elegance to your favor box for wedding. Contrary to decorated favor boxes we also offer white favor boxes for those who require simple and stylish touch for their favors.

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Getting favor box is no more a hard nut to crack, COP is expert in customized printing and packaging of the favor boxes. Do you know what is too much interesting here? Yes, it is customization and personalization cartons. They can be obtained in any size, color, and style according to your requirements and preferences. Think, don’t your customer would like to feel pleasure? When the interior of the box is also designed as per the theme of the box. Definitely, every one like it, and this enhance the unboxing experience. These cartons are designed in favor of others. So, if you would like to place any embellish item on the carton, we will design it accordingly. The pocket for flowers, greeting cards, extra strap or window with additional lids or some cute folding. Entrust COP, and our customer care support team will guide you in design and printing.

Nex, to this, these aesthetically make cartons make your events and moments special. Perfect looking whip up the receivers and make them joyous. The main advantages of the customization are branding and custom sizes of the box. That’s why these are feasible from small to large scale events. Such event mainly comprises the Christmas, birthday, Easter, birthday, soiree, carnival parties and weddings. We have a variety of designs published on the website, still, if you need any other style or design just start live chat with one of our customer care support team members.  Just put forth your ideas, and we are here to design tantalizing and enliven personalized favor box for you.

Don’t stump yourself in designing? Still, need colored kid’s party favor boxes then we have the solutions. City Of Packaging is one-stop-shop for all favor cartons styles, and we vow to provide the “Packaging with satisfaction.” However, the wholesale wedding favor boxes in unique styles and shapes grab the attention of the attendees and make it handy and catchy for them to receive. This is a better way to the presentation at this fantastic moment of life. Here the photo printed favor boxes are used, such cartons can be customized, and your couple or individual photos could be printed on these favor boxes.

Custom favor boxes are flexible, branded, and thematic as per your events. Sometimes these are used for the gifts, and sometimes these are also used for the confectionery items. Thus, these are also known for their multipurpose use. Truffles and cupcake are also packed in them for the presentation of the gifts. For receivers comfort during the parties, we allude to have a handle with them. We are expert in designing handle boxes with the same intention. This makes them decorative and up to the mark, and this way, the receiver fee some special feelings in mind. From small to large size treat boxes as per your requirement is displayed. The common sizes are 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, and 9-inch boxes.

For the protection of the environment, we also deal with Eco-friendly, recyclable, and paper made cartons. Such materials have no effect on the environment. That’s why we have $10 additional discount for such eco-friendly cartons printing and production when your order more than 100 fascinating and appealing favor boxes.

What shapes are the best for you?

We have all the shapes, either it is round, rectangular, pyramid, pillow, square, cubic, hexagon, or any complex shapes. Here, all the shapes and structural design that you opt for you are shipped in the flat view. However, these can be folded easily in no time.  4 color printing, CMYK, PMS and plain white color cartons with top-notch quality that provoked the feelings of the others and enhances their appetite are produced here. Entrusting COP will produce pipe dream designs which are fit for all genres in the same product line. We are honing day by day and adopting the latest technological trends in printing and production. That’s why the satisfaction of our venerated clients is our first and topmost priority. For order to get your quote right now! For any confusion and order process, check our FAQ’s page! And for email just write an email to us at [email protected]

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