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Our custom handle gift boxes make a perfect combination when joining with your gifts, so explore and enjoy the best packaging solution from our vast selection of handle gift boxes. We add trendier embellishments and accessories to gift boxes and packages to make them more alluring and magnificent. We offer full options of custom handle gift box packaging in all dimensions during printing, material, or design. We enable you to choose your decorative gift boxes freely from our collection of gift boxes. All options of sizes, styles, like large gift boxes with Lid or small gift boxes, are there for you. For bulk gift boxes and gift boxes wholesale for special occasions, we print your customized wishes and messages if you required in premium printing options. However, all kind of material for the production of the gift box is also available like cardboard gift boxes with Lid, corrugated gift boxes with or without a lid. So, visit our website or order our packaging products to experience fantastic packaging options.

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Don’t you need a handle to carry your product? Actually, customers like comfort packaging solutions nowadays. And City of Packaging is the custom handle boxes supplier in the USA, New Hampshire. Our boxes with handles look innovative and spectacular. By the addition of the handle on the carton provide a briefcase like a look, and that is considered as the most convenient for the customer to carry them. These are handy and catchy as well. Moreover, it handled help during transportation and enhanced the unboxing experience. With the vigorous grip and ease to control make the customer happy and satisfied with your products and gifts. Furthermore, these are also used for showcasing your product and portfolio to others, as they carry heavyweight because of the handle.

City Of Packaging has enticing and auspicious handle boxes with the array of customization and personalization options. These can be customized in any shape, design, and style of the box. In addition to this, mesmerizing and appealing raised, emboss and depose formatting techniques are applied on these cartons. As we know well the money, you are investing in the packaging solutions and material. That’s why we have launched the finest quality of printing and packaging. So, boxes with handles are a god choice in any of the cases.

Personalized packaging with handles made up of cardboard have opulent and enliven look, these are also used for the gifts and bakery products. For the packaging of the confectioneries, these are considered best when a window is applied in them. This window is applied for the display of the bakery items. Moreover, we customized solutions for all bakery product line items.  Mainly these are cupcake boxes, muffin boxes, and pizza boxes. When it comes to the gift packaging, these can be used in a variety of ways, for gifts, storing, and decoration purpose. So, COP tantalizing, eye-catching and fascinating cartons with handles escalate your sales volume. Moreover, these paper boxes with handles are also used in genres of events.  Soiree, carnival parties, birthdays, and weddings the exchange of gifts and items is made easy through the use of such handle cartons.

Designing a classy and fantastic box require great care and expertise. And we are expert in printing ad production of all genre of products packaging. These are substantial and considered up to the mark when someone requires comfort during transportation. We are serving hundreds of business around the globe, corporate packaging and branding needs at small and huge scale at affordable rates are produced here. We are honing, and our 4 color printing, CMYK, PMS, plain and variety of patterns and textures design printing yield appealing, up to the standard and sticking designs for you. We have free shipping, fastest turnaround period, and Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and great customer care facilities. For order to get your free quote right now! Mail us at [email protected]  or call us any time in the business hours. Avail our services for the custom printed logo printed branded boxes for your products. Entrusting us will escalate your sales up to 200% and yield the most protective and branded cartons for your products. So, we help in raising your business because it is “Packaging with satisfaction.”

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City of Packaging is a printing and packaging company, that provides the customized and personalized printing, packaging and boxes solutions. We have delivered to the 100,000 individuals and business, the "Packaging with satisfaction". This number includes the startups as well as the large scale business in the USA, Canada and Australia. We have a 100,000 square foot production house, it is well equipped and we are tinkering the technology day by day.  we have 200 plus by box styles. 400 plus custom printed by industry boxes and 100 plus labels and stickers printing capacity at a same time. We have a team of 800+ experts, that comprises the packaging engineers, designers and quality assurance team with shipping agencies. We are a award winning, cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and paper boxes suppliers. We have A+ BBB rating, and SSL secure website for you and we assure you 100% guarantee and 100% bio-degrade able material on demand. we are providing high end finishing cartons since 1998. Get your quote here.