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Express the smokers a specific brand, provide them a unique style in life. By providing them substantially, up to the mark design and unappealing boxes; sales are escalated. Designers’ creative skills, with additional add-ons make tobacco fresh for a long time. These are branded, foil stamped, metalized, UV coated and cardboard made with logo printed on with full array of customization. Material, size, style and design customization with inner and outer printing; 4-color, CMYK, Pantone, and plain cigarette cases pleases your customers and stand yours out of the crowd of competition. We have custom printed cigarette boxes that fit in the customer’s pocket, and their style makes the smokers stylish with smoke. Cigarette cartons are used by the tobacco companies, suppliers and manufacturers of tobacco product line products. Cardboard, Kraft and paper are Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, personalized, help in displaying retain the freshness of the tobacco. The wholesale cigarette boxes are affordable, and we have quantity discount offers for bulk order. 

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Tobacco companies have a more significant concern with the taste and freshness of the cigarettes. The brands are selling more and escalating their sales by the use of right cigarette packaging solutions. They always focus on how they can improve the cigarette box printing, and make the box mesmerizing, appealing, eye-catching, and attractive for the customers. City of Packaging has launched the customized and personalized cigarette cases, these are branded, and health precautions are oriented on them. These cardboard, corrugated, paper and Kraft made cartons have revolutionized the tobacco industry and enhance the life of the tobacco. With the opulent look and topnotch high end finishing, customers get whipped out and purchase enticing, auspicious and couture cigarettes. This is because the smoke is not only an addition of the nicotine or drug, but it is also a fashion, an emblem of the fashion. So, provoking, tantalizing and enliven customized cigarette cases are essential. 

How to order custom cigarette boxes wholesale?

We have the most uncomplicated three-step procedure, provide us your artwork or let us design a customized one for you. After opting for the right fit and match for your product that comprises the proper material selection, size, style, and shape a sample is provided to you. After finalizing the sample, payment, and digital proofing, the process of cigarette box packaging is inaugurated. Within 8-10 business days these are shipped at your doorstep. We have live chat, email, and call back request and direct calling options are available. So, entrusting COP has abolished too much confusion in the process; this simple process helps you in getting rid of all other tensions of the packaging. We want prolonged relations with you, and we care for the money that you are pouring into the pool of the new empty cigarette packs production. 

Who needs personalized cigarette cases?

Every cigarette is packed in a cardboard box, and a metallic foil layer sheet. This sheet restrains the light from coming inside, and cardboard made plain cigarette packaging suppresses the external jerks and protects from external factors. So, all the cigarette manufacturers, retailers, tobacco dealers, shipping departments, warehousing and storage houses, and wholesalers need cardboard cigarette boxes for sale. Inclusion with cardboard, corrugation, Kraft, paper and other on-demand materials are also used for the production of new plain cigarette packaging. These can be personalized and customized as per your requirements.

How to obtain overwhelming accentuating and ubiquitous blank cigarette cases for venerated customers?

We have additional add-ons; such add-ons make the products attractive and bridge the gap between your product and customers’ purchasing decision. This genre of add-ons comprises the UV coating, embossing, debossing, stylish typography, metallic effects, textures, patterns, inner printing, outer printing, foil stamping, etc. this pleases your customers, and produce the pipe dream blank cigarette boxes. 

Why the City of Packaging is fit for you?

We are a leading and paramount cigarette packaging supplier in the USA. We have all sizes of wholesale cigarette boxes; these are affordable and free shipping. We congregated all your requirements and grappled by providing what you need. You can buy cigarette boxes online here at COP. We have delivered more than thousands customers with e-cigarette packaging, paper cigarette boxes for sale, plain cigarette packaging, and custom packaging services to all the cigarette boxes suppliers. So, order right now, get a free quote, and additional add-ons could also be availed. 

Cigarette packaging and branding side by side

Through customization and personalization, the branded cartons are yielded. The custom logo printed on them, company slogan that expresses the brand message and aware of your company mission helps in branding. Through this, you can grab double sales. These boxes for cigarettes make your company and product branded and word of mouth. Add to this, the unique style shapes that are convenient and comfortable to the customers are liked by aisles and passersby in the streets. So, it is alluded to use the customized wholesale cases for the cigarettes; the packaging experts have iterated the paramount importance of customization couple of times. 

Eco-friendly material for the packaging of tobacco

We used cardboard, corrugated, paper, and Kraft material for holders. They can pack; 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and many more cigarettes in one box. Such materials are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and compostable materials. So, the green environment lovers and environmentally conscious customers like your product.

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City of Packaging is a printing and packaging company, that provides the customized and personalized printing, packaging and boxes solutions. We have delivered to the 100,000 individuals and business, the "Packaging with satisfaction". This number includes the startups as well as the large scale business in the USA, Canada and Australia. We have a 100,000 square foot production house, it is well equipped and we are tinkering the technology day by day.  we have 200 plus by box styles. 400 plus custom printed by industry boxes and 100 plus labels and stickers printing capacity at a same time. We have a team of 800+ experts, that comprises the packaging engineers, designers and quality assurance team with shipping agencies. We are a award winning, cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and paper boxes suppliers. We have A+ BBB rating, and SSL secure website for you and we assure you 100% guarantee and 100% bio-degrade able material on demand. we are providing high end finishing cartons since 1998. Get your quote here.