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Sports admirers not only intended to play well but also need their sports good to be well organized. The perfect presentation is the identity of sports lover so to attract them toward purchasing your sports items; it is indispensable for you to demonstrate sports items appropriately. Contrary to adults children also used to play sports and when you are targeting the kids, it is essential that sports kits are properly packed in a box that entails all specific knowledge, and training guide that is required to play that particular sport. All to put all the aforementioned essentials in your sports packaging then it would be quite evident for you to go for customized sport boxes. We offer our customers highly personalized packaging options not only in structural designs, colors, or sizes but also in the printing of boxes like sports box with your logo. Our sports subscription boxes can display your sports goods in a way that captivate the customers not to leave the sports kit. Increasingly, the sports gift box that we designed for the sports are highly relevant and add a touch of elegance to your sports gifts. So, it is time to rush to our click store and avail discounts.

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Custom sports are branded and use for the transportation and protection of sports items. All the sports items are packed in them. Thus the elegance and tantalizing look are paramount. Up to the mark, appealing, eye-catching and mesmerizing designs are easy to convey your brand message to the customers. provides all kinds of customized sports boxes and personalized cartons for the whole sports product lines. 

Who needs sports boxes?

We deal in cardboard, corrugated and Kraft paper made boxes for all the sports items production and suppliers. If you’re a manufacturer of the sports items, then these boxes are for you. Inclusion to this, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and producers need these boxes.

Our three-step printing and product procedure?

We have the simplest three-step procedure; this makes this possible to obtain up to the standard boxes for the sports items. In the first step, we gather all the information and then print. After the printing and approval of the designs, such cartons are shipped to you. 

Why COP?

We have 200 plus sports packaging designs, such custom box for products are also printed in your artwork and designs. We help you in looming your sports business and deliver the best unboxing experience to the end-users. We have free shipping, no hidden charges and free designing across the USA. We use CMYK/PMs, plain, white color, full color, and brown Kraft paper made boxes for you, and on-demand material is also available here. All these things make us different and efficient for the production of the ports items. We have live chat, email [email protected], call back request, and free quote options for you. Start your order right now!

Different Kinds of sports boxes offered by the COP?

Window sports boxes: such boxes use a PVC made a glued die-cut window. This is used for the display of the sports item — all the big brands us this type of custom boxes with lids.

Single piece sports cartons: These are sturdy and robust; this is because of the designing through one sheet. These are shipped in the flat surface and can be folded in a moment. 

Two-piece custom sports boxes: These are the boxes made up of cardboard, Kraft paper but such cartons have two pieces. One is known as lid, a top lid. The second is the bottom of the box. 

Customized and personalized sport boxes packaging

Through customization, your desired shape, design and finishing add-ons are applied on the box. Such add-ons are charged separately. The fundamental reason behind such add-ons implementation is the high-end finishing. Such add-ons comprise matte, UV coating, glossy, embossing and debossing effects. 

Sports packaging for cricket items

We have all cricket items printing and packaging options; such things include the bats, balls, helmets window holders, kit bags, protection guards and leg guards packaging. 

Inclusion with this, adventure sports items packaging, kayaking items packaging, bobsleigh sports cartons, canoeing, rafting sports customized packaging is available. 

Here is the list of sports items whose product packaging are produced by the

  • Ski bobbing, surfing, and aquatic and Olympic swimming sports products packaging
  • Body boarding, diving, paddle boarding, scuba diving, swimming, and other water sports products customized packaging
  • Aerobics accessories packaging, aikido, gymnastics, bodybuilding heavyweight items packaging is also available at
  • Boxing, running, cycling, discus throw, fencing, judo, skating, cricket, baseball, football, basketball, tennis and badminton sports boxes and packaging that are customized and personalized 
  • Curling, dodgeball, hockey, horse ball, ice hockey, golf, squash, table tennis, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and all other custom sports packaging is designed and print for you. 

Moreover, sports monthly, quarterly, yearly, and semiannually subscription boxes that look amazing and carry heavyweight of the sports items are designed and produced as per your requirements. Sports Card boxes theme toy boxes and sports gift boxes for your friends with logo printed on them at affordable prices are available. 

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