Chinese Take Out Boxes

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Creatively designed and eye-catching customized Chinese take out containers are the best option for packaging of any cooked food. Our Chinese take out food boxes have endless customization options that make our packaging products more appealing. Chinese food boxes that we offer are available in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Folded oyster pail cartons aid your business grow more rapidly by endowing a magnificent outlook to your food items. Small Chinese takeout boxes are also available for those who need to pack small servings. Moreover, our Food delivery containers wholesale are offered at discounted rates for the users. Eco-friendly packaging solutions are mostly famous for food packaging, so we also made all kind of food containers by using eco-friendly material.

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The Engrossing cartons for the branding – Take Outs

Congratulation! This is the premium source of Chinese Take Out boxes!

Custom Chinese takeout boxes are also called oyster pails. City of Packaging prints and produce Chinese takeout cartons, these are unrivalled for the all Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants and food items. Sometimes, these are also used for the gifts, and at homes. So, custom printed Chinese Take Out cartons come in any shape and design. Our creative and eye-catching Take Out has some special effects and features. First, handle with the boxes, this handle makes the box convenient and up to mark for the customers.

Moreover, the microwaveable construction, structure, and design is another inclusion in the product line. This feature allows the customers to reheat several times the food items. Now, there is no need to get separate bowls for the microwave. These clear Chinese Take Out boxes, are used to pack the food items that comprises; vegetables, Chinese rice, fish, fried rice, and moo goo gain pan.

Unique features and types of the Take out Containers

One of the main advantages of our persuasive Chinese Take Out containers is the retention of the taste and heat for a long time. This retention of the freshness of the food items and restrain the sunlight and heat from coming inside. Furthermore, we also have a collection of Asian restaurants, food packaging, and customized bakery cartons. So, get the appealing and mesmerizing Take Outs at the lowest prices in the industry.

The best option for Chinese food, Thai dishes, and Japanese food

The Thai dishes, Chinese food, and Japanese food are always sent to the guest and home by using these takeout cartons. In addition to this, they have a specific folding pattern and style. This style is designed in a way to carry the food item easily. Thus, easy assembling, opening, and closing of the box is another well-known feature of the oyster pails. Next, to this, these are printed in 4 colors, all colors, in-toxic ink, CMYK, PMS, and plain white takeout cartons are the most common among this product line.

Distinct features that we offer proudly

From small to large capacity, Chinese take-out food boxes at wholesale price are used in food items packaging. So, our array of customization assists you in getting your desired measurement, style, and shape. Moreover, the Chinese Takeout lover will get most of the benefit from our collection. Thus, these are now available with embossing, metallic, foiling’s, UV spotting and deposing effects.

We have a solution for environment lovers

Even if you are looking for the Eco-friendly and recyclable material made wholesale takeout cartons, then COP provides all such solutions for your restaurants. As we are more conscious about the environment and the trend of green lovers in the USA is increasing day by day. For this, we have also started a campaign, you will get $10 additional discount on ordering 100 boxes made up of Eco-friendly material.

Handle and non-handle alternatives 

An exclusive feature of metal handles is another addition that makes them the most convenient and easy to carry. Metal handles are also shipped, and you just need to put quickly after folding. Other than handles the Take-Out bags are available, and these are also easy to carry and handle.

Folding patterns of the Take-outs

Such cartons come on rectangular, round, and cubic shapes, and each container comprises few interlock flaps. Such, interlock flaps make them a joint and the strength of the box get enough to carry heavy weight. These interlocking flips are designed in a way to bear weight and create a seal for the meals.

Some extra features offered by the City of Packaging

So, ordering take out is no more a hard nut to crack, just fill the form and get your free quote. Our printed boxes for the food items will make your events more special. Moreover, we have hundreds of design that might fit your event theme. Still, we are online all the time, let you get the customization options. These boxes are also used at Christmas events, New Year, birthday parties, office parties, and Halloween parties. For personalization of these event boxes, we print your company logo and other branding stuff that not only decorate them but also matches to the event theme.  Few unique features of Chinese Take Out boxes are the following.

  1. Traditional designs
  2. Branded logo printed on them and fully customized
  3. Use as a wedding favor
  4. Use for hot liquids and solids food items
  5. Different patterns and printing options
  6. Available with handles and without handles
  7. Great favor boxes, translucent colored takeout boxes
  8. Cardboard, Kraft and Corrugated material made
  9. 100% recyclable material on demand
  10. Get the packaging theme
  11. Also available with window display

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