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Grant elegant look to your sensitive and fresh cookies by appropriate cookie packaging.  We offer several customization options for the cookie boxes that make your cookie more favorite for your buyers. Custom cookie box adds value, quality, and complete finished presentation to your cookies. Different embellishments are added to beautify the cookie gift boxes by our designers. Instead of this, our affordable prices for the cookie boxes wholesale make them the best packaging option for the cookie makers. Our designers also design decorative cookie boxes with glitters, beads and ribbons for a special occasion without any hidden charges. Updated and alluring styles and shapes are added to our collection like heart shape cookie box and cookie boxes with window also appeal the users to buy the cookies.

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Cookie Boxes For Marketing

How is cookie packaging the best tool for marketing?

Well, the awesome and secure quality of your product is quite mandatory for the standout in the industry. But a lot of other aspects need attention for lionizing and awesome place of a brand in front of the consumers.  These aspects included marketing as a top priority for providing identity in the industry. Marketing is the backbone of any brand to make them popular in the audience. As Gregory Ciotti says, "Marketing is enthusiasm transferred into the customer." So, your marketing campaign should be eagerness that bound the consumers with you for a long time. In the modern era, most of the customers not concern about the product quality because they build their assumption from the stunning look of the packaging. The most bother able thing is the appearance of the packaging. The marketer researches consider the packaging is the fifth P of marketing. That thing shows the significance of the packaging for the brand grows the success. Now it's time to see how cookie packaging works as a marketing tool.

Increase customer's engagements:

The engagement of the consumers is quite an important factor for the brand to build an alluring image in the market. When you are able to create the right need through the packaging for the consumers, then you must captivate the consumers and compel them for buying the products. Add to this; you can create need by making your cookie boxes more unique that also tells the brand message to the consumers. Your packaging design or style must be unique and simple. That thing engages the consumers. On this subject, if your brand is generating chocolate chip cookies with nuts. That your packaging design must have a chocolate volcano and stream on the box of cookies, this image creates awareness about the brand in the Choco cookie lover's customers. On the other hand, if you can provide the coconut cookies, then your bakery cookies box also having the printing design and text of coconuts. You can also use the coconut image on the box as well. So, you can make your packaging engaging by using various suitable tactics and strategies. Our packaging box is also engaging that help you in the marketing.

Building a profitable customer relationship by cookie packaging:

For the enhancement of the brand, it's quite an important brand the stable the relation from all sorts of consumers. If we create the packaging of cookies as the preferences of the audience, then we able to build a profitable relationship with our consumers. On this subject, you must be aware of the needs of the consumers. Add to this; your packaging must be able to generate a heavy amount of consumers. Plus, always remain best for potential customers as well. The best specimen of building a profitable relationship is to focus on the interest of the consumers. For instance, research shows 25 % audience wants just eco-friendly packaging in the USA. So, by using the Kraft and bux material for the customized cookie boxes, you can bound these 25% customers to buy your products. You can use both of material from our company at awesome prices. By using these tactics, you can build profitable relations with your consumers in an enticing way.

Think analytically about the competitor's strategies:

The next important thing that you require for awesome and outstanding marketing is to know about the competitor's strategies. By analyzing your competitor's tactics, you can make your packaging style more unique and vying to grasp the heavy attention of the consumers. Add to this, by knowing the strategies and ways you could able to provide the boxes for the cookie packaging. You are able to change their conventional strategies and adopt new things with their own creativity. Like, if you can use an embossing effect on your chocolate volcano printing designs, it gives the change look in front of the onlookers, and they must watch it by taking in your hands.

Satisfy the consumers need and want by packaging:

The major precedence priority of every brand is fulfilling the need and seductively wants of the consumers. And, these elements are mandatory for the satisfaction of the consumers. Plus, it plays a significant role in the process of the successful marketing of your brand. In this regard, the most paramount thing that they must aware of the product information, ingredients, and many other aspects. For this purpose, you must be print all information on the cookie packaging that consumers read and know about the product deeply before using it. You can print imperative information on the boxes. Our printing team is quite supportive and bestows the innumerable options to their consumers for printing the information on the cookies boxes. Some meticulous points are entailing below for you:
  • Print the security measures
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiry date
  • Ingredients
  • Taglines

Mention the brand name and logo for awareness:

The name and the logo of any cookie brand are imperative for building the identification image for recognition in the crowd of competitors. So, every cookie brand tries to create an awesome and alluring style of logo. The annexation of the logo makes the enticing image for making your cookies memorable in the mind of the customers. Our brand provides awesome options for making your brand name and logo of the boundary. We advise for using bold letters and adopt versatile styles for a logo for your cookie packaging. Likewise, letter marks, wordmarks, abstract, mascots, and emblem, etc. So, you can easily buy such cookies boxes for sale from our website.

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Cookie packaging with the Kink of customization:

The yummiest and gleeful aroma is spreading in the air with the help of waves from a bakery and compel them the target customers for buying this product. Obviously, this scrumptious and seductive baked good is the cookie. A cookie is the most mouthwatering and confectionery baked products that are generated in the bakers as well as their home. It makes from healthy ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, and milk. Every baker adds some special ingredients for enhancing the taste of the cookie. Likewise, raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, and oats. Conventionally, it found in the shape of a flat and round shape. But over the passage of the time, bakers bestow new and innovative shapes to the cookies. 

Add to this, it highly useful to serve the in fronts of the guest and fill the happiness in your previous moments. On the various events and occasions, cookies are also used as a favor as well. But here is the question raises in your minds that are mentioned below.

Why cookies need packaging?

The answer to the above question is quite easy and needs some intelligence. Cookie boxes serve various benefits this sensitive baked products. For better understanding, read the following points that are the major reason why.

  • Provide the cookies from dust and dirt pickups on the bakery shelves.
  • Maintain the taste and aroma of the cookie
  • Add the aesthetic look in your cookies
  • Protect from the moist environment that can make the cause of sogginess
  • Maintain the crunch of the cookie
  • Prevent from De shaping from the breaking effects

Although, you can pack your cookies in any kind of boxes either is premade or not. But the custom cookie packaging solution is the best way to pack your cookies is secure as well as in the enchanting look of packages. Moreover, let’s have a look at what is customized packaging?

Custom Cookie Boxes:

Such sorts of containers are making full-fledged creating as per the desires and wants of the consumers. Plus, these boxes bestow the appealing look when they present in bakery shelves for vying the attention of a large number of the consumers. COP offers high-quality custom cookie boxes that also enhance the beautification of the cookies and make them secure from environmental hazardous. In order to this, we provide the chances to the customers to make the box as per their requirement. Here is the list of major soma sections that every baker wants according to the desires.

  • Choosing the material
  • Alluring and fascinating styles
  • Select the various sizes
  • Use of trays
  • Additional options
  • Placing brands name and logo

All the above-discussed options have their own place to make tantalizing boxes for cookies. But it’s time to know about the use of the right material as per the situation for cookies.

Specialties of various materials for cookie packaging:

The primary speaker regarding the packaging is the quality of material that is used to fabricate the packaging boxes. If you can’t use the preeminent quality material for the cookie packaging, it descends the value of the cookies in front of the consumers, and they think that cookies are not fresh and up to the mark for eating and serving. To address this issue, it’s mandatory to use the outstanding parameters of material for the stunning quality of the cookie. In this regard, some best cardstock materials are entailing below that are offered by the City Of Packaging.

Cardboard is the stunning option for cookie packaging:

This material is famous for the ruling on various sorts of card stock. Because it bestows the smooth and shying surface of the cookie containers. It is making the major source for gaining the attention of the consumers due to the shiny and glossy look of containers. Plus, cardboard is quite light in weight, but it is best for the packing of cookie.

Custom cookie cardboard boxes are the best for providing security from the diminishing effect. In addition to this, cardboard is famous for recycling and repurposing. By using various designs of printing on the cardboard stock, you bestow the astonish look in front of the consumers. Cardboard providing you the best opportunity to make the encasements out of the box by using the pertinent styles and designs for cookie packaging.

This material is quite easy in the assembling and folding process. You can fold in any shape and style. The city of packaging offers awesome options to select the style for your cardboard custom cookie packaging. Like, sleeve, gable, and pyramid, etc. Our experts are always investing the time to search for the best styles for cookie boxes that are made with the help of cardboard.

Go Green with Kraft material:

Nowadays, many businesses turn their loyalties with the Kraft material and play their role in the green and friendly environment. Due to this reason, they need to think about as a friend of a green environment. This feeling never harms the greenery and motivate them to clean their surroundings. For this purpose, brands use the material that is not harmful and easily decomposes in the soil. This amazing material is the Kraft that is famous for biodegradability and keeps the atmosphere clean all the time.

Custom Kraft cookie boxes are in brown, but with the advancements, it could be color that you want to give as per the product requirements. These boxes are the best option for protecting from dangerous factors. For instance, it has the ability to tear resistance. So, it absorbs the moisture and provides the dry for the cookies.  COP offers the 10 % additional discount for order the Kraft ecofriendly cookie boxes as wholesale to serve the bulk quantity of cookies at affordable rates. You can use Kraft boxes with windows and various other stylish looks.  On

Corrugation packaging for shipping and protection of cookies:

Corrugated material is the best for shipping your cookies from production place to the bakery outlet. It is renowned for bestowing the secure and protective environment for the cookies. The major reason for the popularity of corrugated material is high strength and durability. Furthermore, corrugated material consisting of three layers, two of them are called external layers, and one inside layer is known as flutes. The external layers are also called the linerboard. The linerboard have two types that entail below for you:

  • Cardboard linerboard
  • Kraft linerboard

When you use the cardboard material for the external panels, it’s called corrugated cardboard material. On the other hand, when you can use the Kraft is known as the Kraft corrugated boxes. The City of packaging bestows the options to the consumers for selecting the cardstock for the corrugated cookie boxes.  Add to this; you can also print cookie name on these boxes to give them recognition in the warehouse and storing places.

Make affordable packaging with Bux board:

The bux board is the most affordable material that is best for your cookie packaging. This material is low in quality and bestows the smooth touch from the external side. As compared to the internal side of the box gives rough and rugged. In addition to this, this material is also light in the weight but still use in the packing of cookie.

Bux board cookie boxes have the best power of absorption and 100 % recycling. Do to reason, bux material is the best choice for the boxes of the cookies. We provide the best quality of the bux board for our loving consumers. And, you are easily sending your quotations for the wholesale bux boxes for the oodles quantity of cookies. 

Bestow royal look with rigid:

The royal look of your cookies makes your brand stand out and recognize able from the consumer’s side. Custom cookie rigid boxes are the preeminent and elegant choice for the packaging of cookies. It makes from compressing the three layers of the card stock material. Although rigid cardstock fabricated by using two types of raw material.

One is the rigid cardboard material for the cookie boxes. And, the second is the Kraft rigid material both are highly used to pack the cookies in safe and the seductive environment by the brands. Add to this; rigid cardboard cardstock is prepared by condensing the three layers of card stock material. Comparatively, Kraft rigid cardstock is fabricate be squeezing the three layers of the Kraft paper stock. You can make more customize the thickness of rigid boxes as per your interest and product need.

However, the royal look of rigid boxes is the best for exchanging as gifts purpose. Various events and occasions are incomplete without favor and gifts. So, custom cookie rigid gift boxes bestowing the elegant appearance in front of the audience. Our brand provides amazing options to make your rigid cookie packaging out of boundary. In this regard, our experts offer to foil and printing options.

Various styles of cookie packaging in trend:

The everlasting impact of cookie packaging enhances your sales and growth to stand out in the pool of competitors. The use of tantalizing style has the tectonics effects for granting the identity to your brand. Add to this; you can add value in the quality of cookies by using the fetching design for the pizzazz look of cookies.  The City of packaging offers the innumerable options for the structural dimensions and more than 300 designs for the cookie boxes. Let’s have a look at some famous cookie style that entails below:

Two-piece box with punch partition:

This box-style has the dimension of conventional design and could be made by using any material. But two-piece cookie boxes box give a stunning look in the cardboard and rigid material. The two-piece box is quite easy in the folding and shipped in the flat. The structure of the two-piece box consists of the two parts that are separate and not attract like a one-piece box.

One top part works as a cap or lid, and the second is the bottom part that plays the role of the box, which contains the products. Such sort of cookie packaging is bestowing the astonish look for captivating a large amount of the consumers while using punch partitions. Custom 2 piece cookie boxes with punch partitions just not bestowing the appealing look. Rather it protects against the collapse and damaging effects. The city of packaging offers the countless design and sizes of the punch trays for the cookies for their valuable customers.

Bookend boxes with inserts:

This style is the most innovative and unique for the packaging of the cookie. Plus, it is famous for the opulent and luxurious look of the product. Such boxes are made of thick and durable cardstock that protect your cookies from any damaging effects. The structure of the bookend boxes having the attached lid of the box that is used as an enclosure. This box-style also use with the trays and inserts. Add to this; tray cookie boxes are an excellent way to present your cookies.

Bookend boxes with inserts are the best way to keep in organize and protect the full environment. These inserts would be made from card stock and Kraft as well. The city of packaging confers you for buying the bookend boxes for cookies as wholesale. Such boxes are the best way to serve the bulk quantity of cookies for various events.

Sleeve cookie box with window:

Sleeve box is also one of the best and astonishes box that also looks opulent and gleeful for your cookie packaging. This box is made with any sorts of material and sizes as well. Due to this reason, sleeve custom boxes are the best option for cookie packing. It gives the most appealing and enchanting look of your cookies for various purposes and events.

In addition to this, the sleeve cookie boxes structure has two parts. One part of the box is used to keep the product and use a slider as compared to the next part in the external encasements of the box that is called the sleeve and use to cover your product. The awesome structure of this box make it ultimate and incredibly popular for the use.

For bestowing the visibility and transparency of the product, you can also patch the PVC sheet on the box. This sheet is gluing from inside as per the shape of the die-cut. Yes, you use various types of die-cut for making your bot engaging and vying for the cookie lovers. For instance, hexagon, petal, heart, leaf, and rectangular die cuts.

Add to this, you can use the window on the boxes with various styles, like one-sided, double-sided and corners window, etc. Moreover, you can also make a sleeve favor box for a single cookie box with a window for serving on the parties. All sorts of the window are the best and preeminent way to make your cases out of the box. Our sportive team always ready to guide you in the selection of a suitable window on the sleeve boxes.

Pyramid cookie boxes:

Pyramid boxes the most influential and fetching style of gift boxes. Plus, it works for the small favor box as well. Pyramids shape is the elegant choice from the audience side for serving the confectionary cookies. Although the selection of cookie boxes for gift-giving is the major issue, the selection of the pyramid for this purpose is stunning. This box shape has three angels like the triangle; also, it quite easy in folding.

Our designing and printing experts are 24/7 ready for providing you assistance in the selection of the right options. We offer countless styles for your cookie boxes. You would also print as per the need of the occasions and events for exchanging as gifts. The use of move adverts and foiling on the box make your cookie boxes eye-catching for the target audience.
Gable cookie boxes:

The most amazing and the apposite style of the box that escalate your sales and growth as well. Custom gable boxes are making from the sturdy and durable material that is folding intelligently and conveniently in the gable shape. Plus, it has two flaps that have handles for easy carrying. Gable shaped would apply to your box and bags as well. Custom gable cookie bags and boxes are the best options to pack your cookie for vying the crowd of cookie lovers.

Protect your cookie from damaging:

With the striking and enticing look of cookie packaging, it’s quite mandatory to provide a secure environment for the cookies. The right protection of your cookies requires creating the impression of the best quality image in the mind of the consumers. Add to this, the quality of these boxes is the best communicator for the onlookers that are a wonder in the search of cookies. On this subject, you need to use the lovely customize material for your cookie packaging. Let’s have a look at some meticulous points that show how you can protect your cookies through renowned packaging.

Boxes inserts protect cookies from collapse:

The first threat of the cookies is the collapse and De shaping in one box. When you pack cookies in the one box without using any sorts of tray and inserts in packaging. After some time, cookies are break down and diminish from the collapse in and shaking issues. Such sorts of cookies having a bad impact on the brand in the target masses.

Add to this, for the safe packaging for cookies; the best solution is to utilize the high quality of inserts in the boxes. Also, these inserts from the disorganizing and messy look of cookies. These inserts are availing in the various forms that are enlisting below;

  • Fence partitions
  • Punch tray partitions
  • Dividers and cavities

All the above-mentioned segmented materials are available in various sizes. The City of Packaging offers sizes for the packaging; likewise, six pieces tray, eight pieces punch partition, and ten-piece insert dividers for cookies. Such sorts of tray cookie boxes are the best solution for providing you the customize cookie packaging for securing the products.

Kraft is the best moist resistance material for cookie packaging:

The crunch of cookies the major reason for the popularity of lovers. But moisture makes these cookies wasteful and tasteless. Moisture creates the soggy effects on the content that you pack inside the box and change the taste. Such cookies face this issue because of the climatic changes that highly affects them and transform in the dampness effects. Add to this; no one likes the squelchy cookies.

To address these issues, you need to use the material that is highly absorbed able and bear the moist effects for providing the dry environment to the cookies. Custom Kraft cookie boxes are the best way for bestowing the tantalizing and enchanting look in front of the audience. By using Kraft material, you can mold in any style and shape for a stunning look as well as a tectonic influence on the target audience. COP provides you the various styles and shapes that are making from Kraft and absorb the heavy amount of moisture seductively.

Help to stay safe during rough handling:

When these boxes are moving on the bakers’ shelves, these boxes are quite mishandled, bypassing the various assail and passersby in the malls. First, it can be shaking a lot while moving into the production place. Then, cookies again face the issue when retailers organize bulk boxes of cookies on the rafters. In the end, consumers take a cookie in hand to examine and knowing about the printed information.

Prevent the real taste of cookies:

The attractive and yummy aroma of the cookies is the main key for captivate the consumers and compel them for buying it. When it present is the shelves without packaging, it loses their scrumptious taste and converts in the soggy effects. Our brand uses high-quality material that bears the easily tearing and not damage in front of the end-users while placing on the shelves.  So, customized cookie boxes are the best solution to maintain the taste of the cookies. It provides durable and strong walls for the protection of the product from any harmful effects.

UV coating maintains the inside temperature of the box:

The heat is also a major factor that affects your cookies severely.  Some sun rays are quite hazardous and not good for food products, and these rays are also called UV radiation. So, for making your cookies save from the unhealthy radiations packaging brand offers special laminations layers after huge research. On this subject, City Of Packaging elasticity to their consumers for selecting coatings as per their need. From these layers, UV coatings are the best that protect your cookies that are back inside the box from harmful and dangerous radiations.

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What do we offer?

The superior priority of the City Of Packaging is to bestowing the quality satisfaction to the consumers. On this subject, we offer a lot of smart customized and personalized solutions for their customers. By providing the facilitation, we want to serve the human being pleasantly and gleefully. Because we know the audience always likes the brand that provides satisfaction about the services and quality of products. Now it’s time to see the preeminent options that make out brand trustful for you:

Offers all sizes and shapes:

The variety of sizes and shapes tells the capacity of the brand for quality. Versatile sizes of the boxes and shapes are required to pack the mouthwatering cookies. Our brand bestows an ample variety of sizes that you can select as per your needs. Our lovely customized cookie boxes are the best for bestowing the collection of various shapes of cookies boxes according to the interest. Here is the list of shapes that you can select for your cookie packaging:

  • Triangle
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Pyramid
  • Gable

You can easily select all these shapes of the wholesale cookie boxes as well. Because these boxes provide the awesome opportunity to serve the massive amount of cookies on low cut down rates.

All types of packaging printing are available:

If you are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd, then your printing quality must be out of the box and entrancing for the audience. You can make an attractive look to grasp the attention of the audience. You can fill the life in your custom printed cookie boxes, by using various printing types and strategies. The supportive team of the City Of Packaging offers you the high tech printing for providing the stunning and out of the boundary look to your cookie cartons.

Add to this; we offer logo printing and brand name for conferring the identity and recognition in the pool of brands.  For making your brand name and logo prominence for the audience, you can use the special printing effect like; foil steaming and embossing on the custom cookie packaging.  You can also print the product-related information on the cartons for the awareness of the masses.

We respond on time:

The most significant thing that able your brands to take place in the thoughts of the consumers is to provide a quick turnaround. When we receive queries and any sorts of messages regarding any issue and problem, then our representative quickly responds on time. Our conscious experts are there for 24/7 to solve your assist you in any small information about the product packaging. Because we cautious about the prestigious time and assets of our consumers and we want to provide them the possible and satisfying solutions.

We do not charge anything extra and hidden:

Our experts assist the consumers in selecting the right packaging for the cookies regarding the materials, styles, and designs. But we do not charge any single amount for this assistance. Add to this, we offer free shipping and not charge any hidden amount for the help. We just want to facilitate our potential consumers and generate a new one for dealing with us for the sale of packaging. 

Fast delivery of orders:

Although our product shipping time is 8/10 days after transfer the payments. But our team receive quotations and messages for completing the orders on some urgent notes. We also consider these orders and try to deliver on the urgent basses. Our team also cares about our consumers and try to help with great support. By providing the d=fast delivery brand make the place in masses heart for the next time order.

Attractive color combination for our audience:

The art of playing with colors it’s necessary for the packaging brands because it fulfills in the demand of the masses with a variety of colors. The addition of the vivid and sparkling color for your bakery cookie boxes makes it eye-catching and engaging for the cookie lovers. Our brand uses CMYK and PMS for entrancing color for printing. These colors never spread and blur but portray an attractive look to your cookies.  You can also use the color of cookies packaging according to the upcoming events and make it more customized.

Additional add on that escalate the value of your cookies:

The additional options make your cookie boxes marvelous and magnificent for the consumers. Plus, it escalates the impact of your packaging on cookie lovers. However, the City of packaging offers the various additional add on that transfer your packaging to the next level. We offer the lovely customization to our consumers for bestowing a more appealing touch to the cookie cartons. Let’s, have a look at some stunning additional add on for your cookies:

 Inserts for the segmentation of cookies:

When you pack the various cookies in one box, it is having the threat of collapse from each other, and as a result, it breaks down in several parts. After the de sapping of cookies, no one wants to use these cookies. So, by using the inserts and various styles of the partition inside the box, you can protect your content easily.

Inserts are making from cardboard sheets and plastic. These inserts are founding in the shapes of trays, dividers, fences, and punch trays, etc. But the best inserts are card stock dividers that help the cookies to keep in organized form without collapsing from each other. Our experts are always there to provide quality inserts for the protection of your sensitive cookies. Tray cookie boxes are available in various sizes; you can easily select as per your need.

Window patching for your titillating look of cookies:

The insertion of the window in the cookie boxes is also an adorable additional option that consumers select as per the interest. Because packaging brands offer the various sizes, shapes, and styles of a window for patching on the cookie boxes. You can use the window on various material boxes.

 In addition to this, you can use the PVC window on the various sides of the boxes like a top, front, left, and right. Plus, our designers offer different styles of a window like a one-sided window and double-sided for the memorizing and entrancing look of cookies. The use of the window provides the demo of the products with transparency.

Embossing effect for the elegant quality of packing:

Sometimes you found the mesmerizing and classy look on the cookie packaging. This astonishing look is created by the use of embossing effects on product packaging. Plus, you can make you give an influencing look to your products. Embossing bestows the raised surface of the box for the name text and logo. Comparatively, the debossing effect bestows the look of the sunken surface of the box that is also engageable for the audience.  It makes your product high light and eye-catching from far away distance for the consumer. Add to this; you can use this effect to giving the gloss, matte, and shiny look your logo and designs. A custom cookies boxes that have the brand name with the logo are highly engaging to grasp the attention of the consumers. Our experts guide our customers for selecting the enticing add on effects for the customized cookie boxes.


Use CMYK 2 for double-side printing:

The quality of printing can be changed to the next level with the help of awesome colors.  For this purpose, the use of the CMYK color model is the best and elegant for use.  Because it provides the awesome color scheming that keeps in the same form before and after the printing.

CMYK is the four basic colors that have the foundation of all sorts of color combinations and schemes. Every color makes from merging these colors. Add to this CMYK stands; cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black.  You can use CMYK from a single as well as a double-side printing of the box. The meaning of the double-side printing means to print the custom cookie box with this model from both external and inside the box.

For instance, your cookie boxes are purple from the external side and the internal side of the containers printed with move and violet color for bestowing the fascinating look of the case. Moreover, the City Of Packaging offers you both types of printing to select as per your product need for the stunning look of packaging boxes.

Foil stamping for the lavish look of cookies:

The use of gold and silver foil for the logo and brand name on the boxes bestowing the luxuries and apposite look to your cookies. You can use foiling in the various shade and touches like gloss, matte and metallic tones, etc. Foiling can be used on the boxes with two methods. One is the traditional method that could be done by using conventional strategies with various foiling’s dies and plates. And the second way is done by using the digital foiling that eliminates the use of heavy plates and dies. You can use foiling on the packaging of the cookies using the various forms and shapes likewise; holographic, rainbow effects, metallic shades, and tones. You can select one of the most favorite as per your product need and your interest.

The most significantly discuss thing from the whole above discussion is we offer the awesome and stunning options to make your cookie packaging fetching for grab the attention of the consumers. In this regard, our brand offers the option of selecting the material as per your product requirement. Add to this, our superior priority to provide the satisfaction to our consumers by bestowing the awesome and memorizing styles and design of the cookie boxes like sleeves, hexagon, pyramid and window boxes, etc. Moreover, the printing information on the boxes fulfill the consumers’ needs and wants stunningly. Plus, the additional add on to have a powerful impact on products. Our team and representative are available 24/7 for granting assistance to the customer.

Why COP? provide all kind of customization options for the cookie boxes. You can get your desired cartons that are full of customization options. Obtain your wished designs, color, shape, style, and add-ons for the cartons. You can print your company logo, details, and branded stuff on these standard cookie boxes. City of Packaging well-known about the printing and production of the materials and enhanced quality. That’s why we use only quality stock and the finest quality of the material in the industry.

Our unique and striking designs

Fascinating and mesmerizing boxes for cookies actually grabs the attention of the customers. Attracts the passersby in the aisles, and this phenomenon alludes as the best for substantial packaging solutions. Up to the mark, and up to the standard cartons are also being used for the gifts so, cookie gift boxes also store the variety of the cookies. The addition of the fence partitions, trays, and windows help to protect the inside cookies. These are mandatory and essential if you are going to the importing and exporting them. That’s why only sturdy and up to the mark cookie gift boxes are trendy.

City of Packaging is the paramount printing company, since 1998, and we are committed to delivering the best of the best passionate styles. Our first intention is to escalate the sales by providing complete packaging solutions at the most affordable rates.

Additional Add-ons

Our premium services include the top-notch quality printing, CMYK, PMS, and plain color boxes printing, high tech printing, digital and offset printing with robust and substantial printing techniques. This is because we vow to deliver cookie gift boxes to all of our clients.

City of Packaging prefers to deliver on time with free shipping and ruled out the common disadvantages. Such production whipped up your customers need and directly communicate with them. To control the high prices, we provide free shipping and free sampling for the mockups of your products.

Materials we use for cookies packaging

Next to this, cellophane wrappers, corrugated sheets, and Kraft material are the top of the list to deliver high end finishing when these are combined with the effects. These effects comprise UV spot, matt, glossy, embossing, deposing, foiling, and layering. The purpose of such materials is to absorb the moisture of the inside products and retain the freshness of the cookies and confectioneries.

The PVC window in the box is also used to display the cookies to the buyer. So, it is good for displaying products in the malls. So, cookie boxes with window are also available by the COP.

At the city of Packaging, we proudly, offer the widest selection of the designs to the customers. These contain the bakery boxes, cupcake boxes, chocolate boxes, muffin boxes, candy boxes, cookie boxes, and noodle boxes. These products designs from general to special are available here, still, if you are stumped in design we will create for you, and this make u the perfect combination for your products. And entrusting COP will make you blown away, because of the designs and varieties.

We are committed to your satisfaction, our custom food packaging designs reflect your brand identity. This is because the variety of the sizes, styles, shapes, and effects of paper has made them elegant and up to the mark. Our all wholesale bakery boxes product line is available in white, blue, pink colors and small to large sizes.

Features we offer

We produced the cartons that assemble in minutes and foldable. Some are automatic pop up cartons that are also known as auto-bottom boxes. It is another great advantage of the custom cookie boxes. These boxes are best for the cookies because these are more decorative, attractive than a plain white color carton. Here are a few features of our inventory

  1. These are foldable
  2. These are customized
  3. Your desired material section
  4. High end finishing
  5. Window display option is available
  6. Boxes with handles
  7. Macaroon packaging

So, order today for your stocks, and retains the freshness of the cookie. Just fill this form for the boxes for the cookies.

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You’re beloved questions and our valuable answers:

What is cookie packaging?

All kind of coverings that protect and pack your cookies is called cookie packaging. Cookies involve all sorts of boxes and wrapping material. By using these encasements, we make your cookie protective for storing a long duration with a fresh taste. Our custom cookie packaging provides the best protection wall for the safety of your cookies.

What do you need to know about your cookie packaging design?

The design and style of the cookie boxes are the communicator of the brand to the audience and make it stand out in the pool of competitors. So, you must be aware of the designs of custom cookie packaging before finalizing it. Our brand bestows the enchanting and tantalizing styles to make your case out of the box for the packaging of cookies.

Where can I find the high-quality as well custom cookie boxes?

On this subject, our company offers the enchanting and alluring cookie boxes. You can make it more customize for adding the quality in your packaging. COP offers high-quality material for providing the apposite quality of cookie boxes. Furthermore, by using add on options on the containers that we offer, you can bestow the astonishing look to the cookie packaging.

Can I use cookie boxes for exchanging as a gift?

Yes, you can use cookie boxes for exchanging as a gift. For the purpose, you can create cookie boxes with various materials as per your wishes. Rigid cookie boxes are the best way z bestowing the cookies as a gift. Our experts are always there to telling more ideas for the rigid cookie boxes.

Do you get cookie packaging as wholesale?

Yes, our brand provides the best quality of wholesale cookie boxes at an affordable rate for the customers. We offer a very low cut down rates for the bulk quantity of encasements. For further information, you can contact us over the representative for starting conversations.   The contact number is here for your ease. +1 603-3180-487.

Do you know about the importance of the window for cookie packaging?

Window patch on the box bestows the tectonic and entrancing look to your yummy cookies. Moreover, it provides the visibility of cookies in front of the onlookers. Our brand provides various sizes and shapes for the window. You can get these benefits that are listed below for you:

  • Bestow the demo of cookies
  • Make your product appealing for the audience
  • Add the value of products in your cookies

You can easily get these window cartons as wholesale at affordable prices.

How can you get luxury cookie boxes?

Various amazing custom options are existing that make your cookie packaging lavish. In this regard, our experts suggest you adopt a stylish and unique design of cookies boxes. Add to this, by using the special printing options for on the custom printed cookie boxes for providing the luxury look to your cookies.

What are the materials that best for cookie packaging?

COP uses various cardstock material for the quality packaging of cookies. Our experts provide help to the consumers for selecting the material as per their need and demand of the products. Moreover, just visit our website to find more ideas for selecting the materials.

What are bakery cookie boxes?

Such boxes are mandatory for bestowing the tantalizing look of cookies when they present in the bakery shelves. The awesome quality of bakery cookie boxes is highly vying the attention of the consumers make your brand recognizable in the market shelves. Such boxes have unique styles and design patterns. Add to this, the use of brand name and logo on these boxes make your bakery stand out in the rest of others. These boxes are making as per your baked goods. Like, cupcake boxes, cake boxes, and donut boxes, etc. All these boxes differ from their boxes in sizes and other areas as well.

How to find the cookie boxes in the USA?

Well, a lot of retailers are existing for providing the cookie boxes in the USA. But if you want to give the lavish and outstanding look to your cookies, you must check out our website and start a conversation from our support representative.

What are the styles of cookie boxes you can get from us?

We offer more than 300 designs for cookie packaging in an elegant way. We give boxes as well as trays and inserts for the stunning packing. For this purpose, you must visit our website.

Can we allow the option to our customers to customize your cookie packaging solution?

Yes, we offer to our consumers to make the cookie boxes as per their utmost wishes and desires. Like they are able to select styles, design, printing options, font sizes, and laminations as per their choice. Add to this; you also select the material and products related information for printing on the cookies boxes.

Do we offer eco-friendly packaging for your scrumptious cookie?

Yes, we offer both Kraft and Bux material that is eco-friendly for the consumers. Because by using these sorts of material, you can target the environment-conscious audience and compel them for buying the cookies. Kraft is the safe packaging of cookies that protect from moist effects. So, you can check more information about eco-friendly material from the city of packaging.

What is the duration of the shipment of the cookie packaging?

Our brand is quite conscious of the precious time of our consumers and their trust in the brand. So, we deliver the order in 8 to 10 business days after paying the payments. The on-time delivery of orders is quite mandatory for stabling the trust of the consumers for the next order. If you cannot deliver the order on time, then you will lose your potential consumers. Add to this, if you need products on urgent bases, then we care for our consumers and provide the order on the urgent notes without hidden charges, so if you want to get the quality cookie packaging to send quotations and start chatting from our representative.

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