Cone Sleeves

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The City of Packaging has customized cone sleeves for your valuable cones. Our mesmerizing designs and motifs of excellent range of custom printed cone sleeves escalate your sales. We vow to deliver floral, textured, patterns, and dotted cone sleeves for the ice-creams. These are made up of high-quality materials and loom your cones beautiful and up to the mark. Because of customization, you can have your own artwork printed sleeves, perfect sizes, and printed stuff. Such attractive cone sleeves help your customers in picking the cones easily and also help your brand in getting viral. You can print your logo, product name and other required stuff on these paper cone sleeves. We have beautiful packaging, perfect finishing, and on-time delivery of cone sleeves. We are the supplier and manufacturer of such cones, and you can use it for various purposes. This makes the customer’s hands dirt-free and kept the cones safe from melting. As this is abstruse to hold ice creams for a long time. So, in this way, such cone sleeves also protect the hands from melting. CMYK, PMS and 4 color printing on cardstock and paper printed cones are manufactured at affordable prices.

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Order custom cone sleeves at the City Of Packaging!

Ice-cream cone sleeves that you need right now! You can get them quickly by the City of Packaging. These cone sleeves will help you in getting the best, beautiful, attractive, and decorative cones for your next cones. Kraft, cardstock, and Origami papers are folded and set to cone shape easily, but we have many more designs for you.

When you are eating ice cream with a romantic sleeve, this sense is exhibiting through the printing of the cone sleeves.

People love the cone sleeves during the summer season and enjoy a lot. It has many flavors, like strawberries, berry, chocolates, and vanilla. Moreover, One can order the desired taste and scrumptious cones with the beautiful and aesthetically made couture’s.

You can make them at home through Origami papers. Here are a few designs of cone sleeves that you can use for printing. We have full color printed, CMYK printed, and one color cone sleeves for you.

You can get at affordable and wholesale prices. Order now and avail offers on cone sleeves.

Perfect finishing options

We have cardstock, paper, and Kraft wrappers for the cones. So, we have ideal finishing for such cone sleeves. These are the best ice cream holders and carriers for you.

Custom Cone Sleeves Packaging

Customized cone sleeves packaging is mandatory, and you can get hundreds of designs. There are lots of flavors and other combinations of ice cream. These are packed inside zipper and tray boxes.

  1. Zipper boxes for ice creams
  2. Tray boxes for ice creams
  3. Two-piece boxes

In addition to this for cone sleeves we have the following designs;

  1. Beautiful designs for the cones
  2. Polka designs cone sleeves
  3. Abstract design cone sleeves
  4. Customized and personalized sleeves for cones
  5. Fruits shapes printed cone sleeves
  6. Material symbols printed on cone sleeves
  7. Geometrical shapes printing on cone sleeves

Polka Designs cone sleeves

Polka designs printed on cone sleeves are the best in look, these are dots patterns and small spots printed on the cones. These are the best and trendiest designs for you, and you can generate more sales. People love them, and these are good looking dotted patterns. We are printing on the different types of papers, but Origami is the top of the list.

Abstract designs cone sleeves

These are a mixture of designs that looks amazing and mesmerizing in nature. These look great and attractive. Most of the time, they provide up to the mark look and build your brands. This helps you in afloat in a sea of competition and foster your cones. These are pre-vetted designs that are sufficient to grabs the attention of the customers. This should have nuances of your flavors like mix and Tuite fruity flavor. In this way, you can exclusively target the artist and creative people.

Customized and personalized sleeves for the cones

These should be customized, in which you can get your design ready boxes at your doorstep. You can print your logo, your product name, and other stuff on the cone sleeve. In this way, you can get your own choice and own design printed cone sleeves for you. These could be personalized; you can also print the event name, person name, and express the true feeling of love with the tasty cone. There are hundreds of cone sleeves designs that could be personalized as per your choice. So, getting custom cone sleeves is a trend now.

Fruits shape printed cone sleeve

Most of the time, people love the shapes of the fruits and these are small shapes. You can print such shapes and make others mouthwatering. These can be stylish, mesmerizing, and up to the mark in look. By placing or printing on the cone sleeve, you can express the taste and juice flavor of that fruit.

Material symbols printed on Cone sleeves

Material symbols describe the culture and environment. So, in the summer season, adding ice on the cone sleeve wrapper would be fine and attractive. Because of thirst and enjoyment, everyone loves to have such symbols on the cone. These are in need and become the point of attraction.

Geometrical shapes are printed on the cone sleeves

Geometrical shapes are also printed on the cones; these are like

  1. Square
  2. Circle
  3. Triangle
  4. Rectangular
  5. Cones
  6. Cylinders and
  7. Any shape with proper angel patterns

Such shapes also make the cone sleeves attractive and mesmerizing

Plain Kraft paper made cone sleeves

Kraft paper made cone sleeves are brown in color; we print PMS color on them, and these are eco-friendly materials. So, you can save the environment and protect life on earth.

Delivery of custom cone sleeve and shipping process

We offer free delivery and free shipping to our customers. We are 24/7 online and deliver all kinds of boxes, stickers, labels, and cone sleeves.