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The rigid box is sturdy packaging solution that is nearly four times thicker than a simple cardboard box. Rigid box style is comprised of two chunks a Lid and a base. And classic watches, wallets, shoes, heels, i Phones and much related branded products demand not only up to mark but also luxurious packaging. And rigid boxes are that luxury pack that triple the impact of the first impression of the customers. Itself rigid box is not printed, but a different type of fascinating wraps are used to enrich its outlook. Customarily rigid packages are related to branded products; the reason is its fantastic finished presentation. But when it comes to packing products, their packaging requisites as per their characteristics. No doubt we consider this fact and produce such packaging solutions for your luxury commodities what can make you contented. We design a large amount of custom rigid boxes in all sizes, colors, designs, and styles. These options provide our customers with full freedom to be more creative with their rigid box design. Last but not least is our exceptionally low prices for wholesale purchase orders. So, be quick to order and experience the best rigid box for your products.

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Rigid boxes are widely used for retail, cosmetic product packaging that has a luxurious look and style. Such cartons are thicker than that of other materials made cartons. Usually, these are 4-5 times thicker sheets. Such boxes are not printed directly, but these are wrapped in a thin printed sheet. Moreover, custom rigid boxes that are plain have sophisticated look and express luxurious look of the product. 

Check out different rigid boxes of style details here. Because of 4 times thickness rigid boxes are sturdy, robust and ample hard. Due to the hardness they carry more weight as compared to other material made boxes. Inclusion to this, the proper shaping, sharp angles cutting make them attractive and appeal products as luxury and up to the mark. 

As the name shows, these are rigid and hard. Such boxes are used for the shoe packaging, watches, neckties, jewelry, bracelets, belts, violets, board games, iPhone, electronic gadgets and other creative innovations. The main reason behind this is the safety of the inside product, if you are the manufacturer of any of the lists mentioned above, then customized and personalized rigid boxes are only the best fit for your product packaging. 

How are rigid boxes of packaging made?

The process of rigid boxes manufacturing is done in three ways.

  • By hand manually
  • By the use of latest rigid boxes manufacturing machines
  • By both machines and hand labor

The production of the rigid cartons totally depends upon the requirements, size, weight, shape and buyer’s persona of your product. 

Such rigid packaging is made by hard sheets; often these are named as chipboard, commonly it has brown color. Now, latest trends have introduced the few color variants sheets for the rigid packaging. Dies are used to cutting these sheets at specific angles with sharp corners. On the other side, the folding curves do not cut; at folding lines these are creased for the folding purpose. This crease and folding help in shaping the actual box, and complete the form of the desired carton. Quad stayer is used to join the sides of the box; a special tape is used in this process. 

After tapping such boxes are wrapped, the wrapping requires glue and printed sheets. Moreover, plain wrapping papers are also used; these papers are non-printed and appeal plain sophisticated and luxurious look. The right size wrapping paper is glued and adhered to the rigid box. A small amount of pressure is also applied for the perfection and enhancement of the adhere effect among the rigid chipboard and wrapping paper. Such wraps are made up of variety of materials and designs; the major one is mentioned below.

  • Fabrics can be used as wrapping
  • Plain simple, white color, and multi-color wrapping paper
  • Gloss and matte sheets
  • Foil stamping, UV coating, and aqueous coating
  • Texture, Patterns, CMYK color printing, and Pantone color printing sheets
  • For additional add-ons, check COP offered other add-ons

Wrapping types for the rigid wholesale boxes comprises two varieties,

  1. Loose wrapping
  2. Tight wrapping

An old tradition and norms, the trend of free wrapping were at the climax, but now for high end finishing options tight wrapping are liked and loved by every retailer, individual, business, corporate and brand in the industry. Still, few brands and marketers require loose wrapping; this is because of their trends. The handmade wrapping has air inside, and tight wrapping is air free. Inclusion to this, the handmade wrapping for the rigid box packaging is costlier. 

Different styles of rigid boxes by the Cityofpackaging.com

The style is yours, we print your artwork on these cartons. Moreover, we have free designing offers also. Such designs have ubiquitous influence and accentuating effects. Such designs are the following;

  1. One-piece rigid boxes
  2. Two-piece rigid boxes
  3. Collapsible and fold able cartons
  4. Customized and personalized boxes made up of rigid
  5. Book-style rigid boxes
  6. Hinged and flip lid rigid holders
  7. Lid detachable two-piece
  8. Magnetic lock fold able
  9. Match, slide sleeve style rigid containers for gifts
  10. Round shape
  11. Rectangular, cubic, circular, with lid, single piece, and partial cover rigid boxes
  12. Shoulder neck and rigid window boxes

All these styles are printed in addition to the multiple add-ons, like matte, glossy UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, hexagon, customized structure, inserts, sleeves, leather texture, wooden patterns, metallic effects, opulent styles, and unlimited multi color paper wrapping options.

The structure of these essential rigid boxes is explained here! The whole box structure comprises two parts;

  • Lid
  • Base and bottom of the carton

The fundamental shape of the rigid box has only few variations like geometrical shapes. Such forms are the square, rectangular, triangular, oval, circular, V-shaped, and cylindrical shapes. But in the industry of the customized packaging, there are few other variants exist based on the structure of the lid. 

  1. Telescopic lids
    1. Full telescopic 
    2. Partial telescopic
    3. Classic shoe box
  2. Hinged lids
    1. Clam shell style

Who use the rigid cardboard boxes?

You are a manufacturer or supplier of any fragile, luxurious, and opulent products; rigid boxes are made for you. Their rigidity makes them protective, up the mark and up to the standard in this industry. Cityofpackging.com is the rigid boxes supplier in the USA, and we have an array of customized options. The inner cushion material, bubble sheets and outer four-color printing, Pantone colors, and plain wrapping sheets are designed here. We have free shipping and designing options only in the USA. These rigid luxury boxes, in addition to the sturdiness attracts more customers and escalates your sales — this helps in standing out of the crowd of the competition. We have a large number of rigid box designs, check out there. Such cartons are also used for the storage purpose in the warehouses, stores, malls, shops and even at commercial and domestic levels. So, rigid storage boxes by the COP are the most affordable solutions and convenient for you.

Add to this; custom rigid boxes are also used as a gift. Their rigidity and hardness interestingly make them best for the packaging of the gifts. SO, rigid gift boxes, for wholesale and retail quantity, both are dealt here. We have additional quantity discount offers. Thus, the bulk order is more affordable for you. Such rigid gift boxes with lid, telescopic and partial telescopic styles, one-piece and two pieces’ cartons are shipped within 8-10 business days after the approval of design and payment. 

Other purposes of the rigid boxes wholesale are the use of shirts and jewelry. Wholesale rigid boxes that are used for the couture’s, ornaments, and setup made us different from others. We have rigid shirt boxes; rigid cardboard made boxes, rigid white boxes, rigid jewelry boxes, that are customized in size, shape, and style are yielded. You can print company logo, slogan and conveys the brand message immediately to the targeted customers. Rigid box packaging is wrapped with a variety of papers, and the addition of the glued window makes them more prominent. Furthermore, such boxes are also used for the candy gifts, cookies, and other food items. If you are anyone of them, you surely need rigid wholesale boxes.

Printing of the wrapping papers

Rigid box packaging has a more magnificent look; this is because of the wrapping paper. Such wrapping papers are designed and printed as per your requirements. Additionally, we have separate wrap paper boxes are also available.

For order, start a live chat, or request an immediate callback option. Email us or get your free quote right away! We have free shipping, free designing, and no hidden charges in the USA. Due to bulk orders, we only shipped the fold able rigid boxes right now. 

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