Pillow Box

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Pillow is a unique shape of the packaging; these are made up of cardboard with high end finishing options. Matte, UV coating, aqueous coating, embossing, and debossing options make them, attractive, mesmerizing and up to the mark. These are die-cut made, pillow-like shape with or without patching, totally customized and personalized with sleeve and foldable solutions for the cosmetics, chocolates, retail, bakery, gourmet and food items. These are perfect suits for all products, haste your sales, present your products in elegant couture. These enticing, auspicious, opulent and provoking style cartons are known for their shapes, sometimes also used for the packaging of the gift. Cityofpackaging.com offer all sizes, material, and style that are tantalizing, pipe dream and invigorating. Our structural design packaging is accentuating; we have all design templates and motives for the product packaging. Order now decorative pillow shape boxes for your weddings, gifts, and display, soiree, carnivals, birthday and please your customer needs.

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