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Name labels are an awesome way to add personality to your text, and these are multipurpose as used by kids and adults both. As one side of this sticker adhesive so, you can easily paste by just peel of stickers from its sticky side, and that’s the reason kids also easily use these stickers at their own. Mostly, these stickers are demanded in small sizes, but custom name labels endow the opportunity of having any size, design, color schemes, and styles as per the requirement of the customers. Name labels grant a chance to have a fully Personalized label with your name. On the other hand, names label printable with exclusive font and texting by using high-tech printing options make your imaginative design for your name labels. However, these sticker name labels are basically made from high-quality material, and that’s why these are highly durable and moisture-resistant. Unique and up to mark the appearance of name labels are ensured when these are printed in CMYK and full-color printing options. We offer our customers all the above custom options in printing their name labels at affordable rates. To avail, this discounted rate contact us and place your order right now.

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Which name label suits your imagination?

Labeling different items are the need for brands, business as well as domestic products. Name labels are stick on different sorts of items or on anything you care about to your name. Kids name labels are stick on the lunch boxes, stationery items, school bags, and toys. These name tags are easy to stick and long-lasting stay on feature. To please your imaginative design custom name labels are there. All of these multipurpose name labels are comes with full assortment of custom options. 

Purposes that name tag label serve for:

Name tag labels serve the customers for numerous purposes, and you are free to stick these labels anywhere you want. Like if you want to provide a personalized look to your clothes, shoes, and bags by sticking your name tag on it then these labels are suitable for you.

Moreover, if you are searching for school name labels for your school going kids then name tags are appropriate for you. Likewise child name labels contain the name of your child and are able to provide identity to the goods of your kid. Whether it is a toy or school items these labels provide you a great chance to have personalized your goods by pasting name tag labels

Customization is the core feature for a personalized name label:

In addition to printing names label in colorful designs, different sorts of custom options are available for the customers. All such options entail divergent sizes, shapes and structural designs of the labels. Custom name labels are offered to the customers who demand their name labels match with their imagination. However the name tag labels are produced from different card stock and clothing materials according to the needs of the customers. 

Pump up your sale by Additional of alluring tones to business labels:

The revolutionized printing industry is now able to provide up to mark and magnificent option that enhances the outlook of the packaging. These additional add-ons include divergent tones, textures, and patterns. 

Tones and textures include the following:

  • The wooden tone for school name labels
  • Multi-color lining for labels 
  • Tiger lines tone for the awesome outlook
  • Glossy, shiny color daycare name label 
  • Matte colors and shades
  • Gold and silver foiled name label
  • The metallic texture of name label
  • The typographic and unique writing style
  • Embossed impact on preschool name label
  • Debossed impact on the labels 
  • Stone texture for my name labels
  • Decorative name address labels

Quality of your names label depends on the quality of material:

The extent to which you use the quality material it would amplify the finished look of the labels. There are three types of material that are extensively used around the globe clothing that includes vinyl, paper stock entails Kraft and eco-friendly paper material, and last is plastic sheets opaque and clear both. However, inclusion of these basic materials other decorative material is also used if the customer requires decorative name labels

Eco-friendly name tag labels are manufactured through paper stock, especially from Kraft paper. And available for such clients who want to go green and add their share in protecting the environment from the harmful impacts of labels. 

Clothing name labels are also made in different variations. Some labels are made from vinyl, and some are made from soft cloth. These labels are stick by just heating with iron. These labels are suitable for clothing, bottles, and personalized name labels for the school items 

What is our specialty that lets our label printing brand shine?

We are the label supplier that prints your labels with special care and to enhance the quality of our services we offer our customers to experience the following features of our services. 

Three core functions of The City of Packaging:

The following core services make the experience of the customers unforgettable.  

Never compromise on the quality of the name tag label:

We hire expert staff that works proficiently and from the selection to the delivering of the name labels at your doorstep assist you appropriately. Although we select best quality material and printing for your name tags. We also provide waterproof name labels as per the demand of the customers. 

Quick delivery of the name badge labels:

We ensure the fastest delivery of your name labels at your doorsteps. After the approval of sample from customer side we manage to deliver the required name stickers within the eight to ten business days. But for this service we charge no hidden and shipping charges. Inclusion of this we offer special wholesale name label prices for bulk orders. 

Impressive additional add-ons:

We offer our customers to experience name labels for the water bottles and kid’s bottles that are on the next level. And for such service we design some additional tones, textures, and patterns. However these patterns are able to intensify the appearance of your personalized name tags, but instead of this capability these are not too expensive and available for our prestigious at the affordable rates.

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