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How to pack lipstick in a way that attracts the attention of the purchaser? It is the question in mind of every cosmetic seller. So, to provide them remarkable display for their lipstick, we the City Of Packaging offer them impressive lipstick packaging boxes at affordable rates. As we know that the lipsticks are itself an artistry cosmetic product, yes it should be packed in adorable boxes. Therefore, our designers create artistically superb lipstick box packaging. Instead of this, we also offer our customer to choose any of custom lipstick box from our extensive collection. However, the worth of custom printed lipstick boxes is not negligible, and because of this, we offer our customers to provide the printing requirement according to their design.  We also offer lipstick boxes with the logo of companies printed on it. On the other hand, our rates for lipstick packaging wholesale that we offer are amazing for the buyers. Moreover, we also provide alluring custom liquid lipstick packaging that bestows elegant appearance to your liquid lipsticks.

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Lipstick Boxes For Marketing

Lipstick packaging and marketing:

Marketing is one of the imminent practice that every business do for its success. And a huge budget is vested by the big cosmetic brands for their marketing. Celebrities and models are hired for the purpose of empowerment in branding efforts. But by doing all the necessary things, sometimes the brands fail to generate expected sale volume. So, to find out the reason for this failure, researches and surveys are conducted every year at a huge level. The results of such findings are terrifying for cosmetic brands because they are making just a trivial mistake, and that is no focus on the packaging. As it shows, the slight advancement in the packaging would leave a titillating impact and enhance the sale volume of the product. So, here are some useful data that assist you in creating the packaging a superlative tool for your marketing as well as branding.

Now it is the time to know how the packaging serves for your marketing:

There is a huge list of functions that packaging is serving, but the paramount one is marketing. To understand the marketing perspectives of packaging, it is essential for you to know that packaging creates the first chunk of satisfaction in the viewer's mind. The quality packaging is able to bestow such satisfy the customers even from the retail shelves. Then if the unboxing of the product is also capable of creating a positive sense about the product, it would lead the first chunk of the satisfaction to the next level. The fact that it is a little bitter for the brands is they are not focusing on changing the traditional packaging look. And due to this, the new entries enjoy being the center of attraction at the retail counters. It means advancements and custom lipstick packaging solutions lead the brands toward the path of success.

Simplicity is also a marketing tactic:

Superior brands used plain and simple packaging as it endows the fresh look and also keeps the branded products at the level of elegance. Smart look of the simple and plain shades talk to the eyes of the customers more efficiently as the printed information of such lipstick containers become more visible for the client. So, the city of packaging is capable of making your custom printed lipstick boxes with simple themes. Such lipstick containers are capable of portraying the brand messages more appropriately, and the plain theme also facilitates the visibility of the text on the packaging.

Customer perceptions need to be addressed:

The final destination of each product is the pocket of the customer. It means the most pivotal personality in the wholesale purchase process is the user. So, we understand this and create impactful packaging according to the ease of the users. We also have a designing team that leads the customers in creating a design that is able to address the customers. As the lipstick shades and colors are needed to showcase on the packaging. The color selection for the custom liquid lipstick packaging requires great attention. The customer chooses their required color of lipstick from viewing that shade on the packaging. Therefore the design, color, and other selections would be made as per the need of the consumers.

Stuff the packaging with required details:

The things that are at the top of the list for marketing the products efficiently through packaging is the details and information that is presented on the box. Such details not only ensure the quality of the brand but also lead the customers to remember your product. But if the packaging of the product does not contain the brand name and logo, then the customers would not remember your product when they come again for the repurchase of your product. Although it would leave a pathetic impact on the buyers.

Add stunning options that ascend the impact of the packaging:

Different styling options that are in trend are also opted by the marketers to create the influence of the packaging. Such as annexation of windows on the lipstick packaging allow the users to see through the box, and they can easily get the idea about the lipstick shade even without unboxing. This would leave a good impression on the customers. We provide the custom lipstick window boxes with the option of a patching window on any side of the box, whether you want to see the mini size window at one side or need to put the window on the front and back. However, the shape of the window is cut from the box as per the taste of the brand. Add to this, our packaging designers also assist the customers in placing the window at the right place of the box that also allows air to circulate eventually, and it would resist the inside moisture effect.

Annex your brand logo that grants the identity to your lipsticks:

The logo of any brand is a symbol that represents the brand, and it is designed according to the similarities of the brand. As its major purpose is to create the resemblance of the brand to which it belongs. So, to print the brand logo is also one of the mandatory requirements of cosmetic packaging. The long-term strategy of the proper marketing placement of the logo is one of the pivotal parts. And if you are a newbie and need to create a logo impression on the customer. Then you can select the advance impacts for your logos just like:
  • The embossing of the logo.
  • Alluring text typography
  • Metallic tones for the logo like gold, silver, and bronze.

Fonts are also one of the considerable points:

As a brand owner, you need to know how your brand-related information becomes expressive. It is an assumption that the text of the packaging must be written in stylish as well as the readable font. It means the only style of font does not worth it. It is also needed to use such a font that is stylish but also easy to read and understand. Otherwise, the customer would not be able to understand the details about the business, and they would feel uncomfortable purchasing such products. Some commonly used font styles for the packaging are enlisted below:
  • Chunk five writing styles for lipstick packaging.
  • Georgia font is also used on cosmetic packaging.
  • Book Antiqua is a stylish font for packaging products.
  • Didot font for the packaging and boxes.
  • Helvetica font is also one of the unique text fonts.
So, all the above-mentioned font are used for the lipstick container. Add to this the custom selection option for the text font is also provided by the city of packaging to the customer. In this way, they can opt the style of the font total y according to their own need and taste.

Type of packaging must be supportive of your products:

Before going to finalize any style of the packaging for your lipsticks, you need to know what type of packaging is used by the competitor in the industry. And for this purpose, you need to keep an eye on your competitors. In this way, you would be able to improve such designs and find ways to get such boxes at more affordable prices. These efforts would provide you a competitive edge over your competitors. And you also aware of the latest lipstick packaging trends. However, in order to get the packaging solution at affordable prices, you need to go for the lipstick boxes wholesale. We provide a special quantity discount for wholesale or bulk orders.

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Lipstick, packaging, and customization:

Lipsticks add the glamorous to the personality of the ladies and girls. Whether it is the formal functions or special occasions and gatherings, the makeover of women is totally incomplete without this cosmetic product. Some trendy shades of pink are also getting popular in young girls for endowing the essence of luster to the lips. Such pink shades entail

  • Peanut color
  • Morphe shade
  • Hotshot color
  • Bloodshot color
  • Nibble color
  • Mood color

According to the research, it was found the consumption of lipsticks are increased in the USA, and it would also amplify the competition in this field. The immense competition makes it hard for the lipstick brand to sustain their position without adding the values and quality of their products.

All new entries and even the old ones need dramatically alluring presentations for their lipstick in order to draw the eyes customers. Now the brands are getting concise about these features and start spending hand full money on it. Just to sustain long in the competition.

As it is the most common observation, which depicts it is the only pack of the product that is capable of grabbing the attention of the consumers. So, the ladies when wander around the retail shelves; the first thing that they assume is the packaging while selecting the product. And due to this factor, all cosmetic manufacturers and sellers pay full focus on creating the lipstick packaging vivid and striking.

Here the packaging industry comes up with unique and stylish packaging solutions for the lipstick brands, and this reduces the pressure of the brands. Now the annexation of branded information in exceptional manners as possible. However, the city of packaging is also a brand that provides such styling options for your lipstick boxes that lead your product image to the next level.

It means the custom lipstick packaging provides a new and unforgettable impression to the lipsticks. So, when you present such lipstick in front of the consumers, they would surely decide to purchase them at once.

The lipstick packaging material that we used:

There are different types of material in which lipstick packaging is available in the market. However, all sort of material is customizable to some extent, but the cardstock is the preferable one as it is quite easy to print, mold, recyclable, and easy to carry. So the city of packaging provides all sorts of packaging materials that come in paper stock.

Some common types in which you can get the lipstick boxes from us are enlisted below with the detail.

  • Kraft packaging material:

One of the most popular eco-friendly material out of all other materials is Kraft. The Kraft is made by using the two ingredients that are extracted from the wood pulp. Add to this; It is easy to recycle at any stage and also biodegradable. Due to all these features, the Kraft material is considered top of this list when the customers need environment-friendly packaging. The city of packaging is a brand which encourages such type of packaging solutions. Our specialist designers create unique and awesome combinations with natural brown color material.

Some other common but impressive characteristics of the Kraft material are enlisted below:

  • High elasticity.
  • High-strength.
  • Durability
  • 100 % recyclable
  • It decomposable easily, just like the leaves which fall out of the trees.

It means the Kraft lipstick boxes are one of the best choices for all such brands who need to contribute their share in cleaning the environment.

Therefore, when you use such material being eco-friendly and print the symbol of recycling on the packaging, it encourages the customers in a massive quantity. However, the coloring and bleaching process of the Kraft is also done if the customer requires the colored Kraft boxes instead of brown paper. For all such cosmetic sellers who need to pack their lipsticks in eco-friendly lipstick boxes, choose the Kraft paper boxes.

  • Rigid cardboard material:

The rigid material as the names show is of substantial and too much protection for the products. Its rigidity depends on its material construction but starts from compressing three normal cardboard layers together. However, if customers required more stiffness, then more than three layers or sheets of cardboard are also compressed to enhance the strength of the packaging.

One more feature of the rigid boxes is that it is not foldable, and this provides the luxury appearance to the packaging. And due to this reason, most brands use rigid boxes to add a professional look in the products.

There are two variations for the rigid boxes one id the Kraft rigid that is comprised of Kraft paper material, but it is produced by compressing the Kraft sheets together. And the other one is cardboard rigid that is mentioned above.

The construction of the rigid material made it highly protective of the various products that are sensitive. And the cosmetic products are highly sensitive, especially lipsticks. That’s the reason most brands used to pack their cosmetic products in rigid lipstick boxes. However, rigid packaging is also advisable for lipstick gift purposes.

  • Cardboard material for the packaging of the lipstick:

The main purpose of the packaging is to retail the products more efficiently before the customers. The cosmetic industry is famous for creating its glamour and charm. Everything in this industry is starting from a remarkable presentation, so each vendor tries to create the glamour of their product even at first sight. So, in this context, cardboard lipstick boxes are the foremost choice of lipstick brands.

There is a lot of reason to choose the cardboard as the primary material for the lipstick boxes such as:

  • The cardboard sheets are quite easy to print, and the final display of colors appears more stunning on the cardboard sheets.
  • The cardboard is a material that is easily foldable, and due to this reason, the boxes of cardboard are available in limitless structural dimensions.
  • The most admirable feature of the cardboard material is that it provides the shape stability to the boxes or cases.
  • Not easily breakable and bear the impacts of rough handling on the retail shelves and counters.

All these features made the cardboard material one of the preferred choices for the packaging of lipsticks, especially when the purpose of the packaging is the detail of the products.

  • Corrugation material for the shipment of lipsticks:

The e-commerce businesses are often concerned with the shipment of the products. It is the routine of such businesses as they used to send their products to their customers. For this different purpose mode of transportation are opted by the venders. Sometimes these modes include the shipment. So, the chances of damage and spoilage extend during shipment. Therefore high-strength containers and cases are required to avoid such mutilate circumstances.

So for this purpose, the corrugation sheets are available. Such sheets are prepared by pressing the zigzag sheets that are also known as flute inside the two linerboards. Basically, the whole three sheets are made from the cardboard material, but when these are connected with each other with the flute, these are known as corrugation material. The strength of the corrugation material depends on the size of the flute that is present inside the linerboards. So, when the purpose of the lipstick packaging is the shipment at that time, the corrugation lipstick boxes are used by the sellers. This would ensure the possible security of their sensitive lipstick while the step of transporting the products from one place to the customers.

Some trendier lipstick boxes

When it comes to the styles of lipstick packaging, the sky is the limit. As there is huge diversity available that create the artistic designing of the boxes. Such designs are able to intensify the outlook of the packaging. Colorful patterns and artwork are annexed with the packaging design, especially for cosmetics. As these designs showcase the real shades of the lipsticks and other products that are packed inside.

Play with colors while designing the packaging is complete fun. Add to this, when unique, stylish structural dimensions are attached with the vivid color combination, it would mesmerize the senses of the viewers. To better understand these facts, it is required to know some details about the popular styles that are used for lipstick packaging in the industry.

  • 1-piece tuck in lipstick boxes:

One of the leading styles of lipstick container is the 1-piece tuck-in box. As the name of the packaging depicts, it is the box that is created in a single-piece structure. Such a box contains tuck in option for disclosing and enclosing the packaging of the lipsticks. The one-piece construction of the box enhances its strength and makes it more reliable and protective. The one-piece style looks more charming when the glaze of colorful printing is added to the packaging. However, such type of packaging is most extensively used for the lipsticks in the industry. So, the rectangular shape tuck-in boxes enhance the presentation of the packaging.

The tuck-in boxes are more suitable for the packaging of such products that need to be opened and close frequently. The tuck-in flap easily locks in the box and the share in the overall strength of the box design. At the retail stores, the customer wants to check the real shade of the lipstick and demand for the unboxing. So, the tuck-in box style makes it easy to open and close the boxes more frequently.

  • Counter display lipstick boxes with punch partitions:

At the cosmetic retail stores, you would observe the display cases that are stuffed with cosmetic items. Generally, the purpose of such boxes is to present the different shades of lipstick in a single go. These boxes are normally bit large in size as these are made to exhibit a number of lipsticks. But if the boxes do not contain any sort of partition, then it would cause damage to the lipsticks because of rough handling on the retail counters. However, the presentation of the lipsticks also looks pathetic in this way. So, the small punch like holes is made as a partition that makes the lipstick more prominent while standing inside the holes.

Another benefit of the punch hole partition is it makes the lipstick more protective during the jagged handling at the retail counters. It means the customers who need to display their lipsticks in visible but protective manners they would choose these boxes as their lipstick packaging.

Cylindrical lipstick boxes:

Different shapes add uniqueness and innovation that exaggerate the outlook of the products. So the same is the case with lipstick packaging new and the latest shapes amplify the typical look of the lipstick into upgraded and alluring manners. The cylindrical shape is an out of crowd way of presenting the lipsticks on the retail counters and in front of the customers. Customarily the rigid material is used to enhance the durability of the cylinder shape. However, the cylinder cases are produced in a 2-piece structure. One is the lid, and the other is the body of the box. To ensure protection, the insert of fix size is attached inside the body of the box. And when the lipsticks are placed inside such insert, it prevents the lipsticks from shaking and movement impacts.

Cylindrical boxes are also available with a lot of printing options. And a different type of floral and designing textures are added to the design of the lipsticks that create an enriching exhibition of the inside products. Add to this; the similar lipstick shades are used in the design that creates the relevancy of the product with the packaging.

  • Sleeve boxes for lipsticks:

The name of the box depicts its structure, and one easily judges by listening name it is the drawer like box that is constructed in two parts. One is the sleeve, and the other is the main box. The product is placed inside the box, and then the sleeve covers the box. For lipsticks, such type of box structure is considered exceptional.

All luxury brands go for such packaging solution that creates prominent differentiation among them and other rivaling brands. So, they quit to choose the simple packaging structures and prefer to choose complex structures as such a structure of packaging to create the positive unboxing experience to the customers.

For all such brands, this drawer like packaging solution is the imminent choice. And when they apply the highly competitive finishing options with this structure, it would create worthy packaging solutions. The most amazing thing related to custom sleeve lipstick boxes is that it is available in countless dimensions, such as various sizes, colors, and designs. And this is the most amazing thing that bound the customers to go for the custom packaging instead of the premade packaging solution.

  • Pyramid lipstick case for multiple lipsticks:

Packaging engineers introduce amazing shapes to wow the customers and make them curious to buy a particular product. As it is evident that the cosmetic industry is popular for its elegance, fashion, and glamour. So the diversity of this field makes the producers bound to showcase their products in a competitive way. And for this purpose, it is essential to use out of the ordinary shapes and make the influence the product.

Likewise, the pyramid boxes are appealing packaging solutions that endow the appeal to the lipstick products. However, these boxes are also used to display the lipsticks. When the pyramid lipstick boxes are used for display purposes, then it contains more than one lipstick inside the box. However, the partitions are made in the box to make the lipsticks safe and secure.

Safe aspects of our packaging solutions:

The most crucial feature of the packaging is protection. So, the packaging must be able to provide complete security to the products that are packed in the boxes. Add to this; everyone is familiar with this fact that cosmetic products are highly sensitive in their nature. It means the protective packaging is extremely needed for cosmetic products. So, the lipstick cases also need such a feature of safety.

By understanding the worth of security for the cosmetic product packaging, we make efforts to produce such packaging that is capable of protecting the lipstick from damaging and spoilage impacts. And we make efforts to make add the below-mentioned features in your lipstick packaging:

  • Keep your products safe and sound from the external environment:

The environment and a lot of damaging impacts like sometimes the heat and UV rays of the sun badly impact the bare products and cause the DE shaping and melting of the products. The high-temperature also has severe impacts on the products. So, the city of packaging uses high-quality material and also offers the customers to apply the additional coating, and laminations on the boxes reflect the UV sun rays and make the inside product safe. It means the little investment in proper packaging would save your products from damage.

  • Provide the storage for the warehousing of the products:

Sometime after the production, the products need to stay in the warehouses and go downs for some duration. And in the case of lipsticks, it becomes mandatory to use proper packaging that enhances the protection of the lipsticks. Sometimes the large size corrugation made cartons are used for this purpose. As the corrugation material has the strength to fight back with the spoiling effects. So, the small lipsticks after packaging in the cases are repack in the corrugation containers.

These cases amplify the security of the lipstick until these are transported to their destinations. We provide all sorts of corrugation cartons that are made as per the need of the customers. However, these packagings become more affordable if the customers need lipstick packaging wholesale in bulk quantity.

  • Keep the lipstick secure in transportation:

When the lipstick is sent to the retail outlets or to the customers at that time, secure delivery is the foremost priority of all brands. For this purpose, the city of packaging offers high-strength lipstick boxes. Such boxes are able to maintain the protection of the lipsticks during the jerks and movements of transportation. However, the additional supportive material like Eva foam and corrugation wraps are also available for the customers. If you want to provide a safe journey to your sensitive lipsticks, then these packaging solutions are capable of assisting you.

  • Increase the shelf life of the products:

The crowded environment of the retail shelves sometime leaves the wearing impacts or stains on the products. But if the packaging is proper and the products are fixed inside, then the impact of such situation descend. It means the packaging not only escalates the influence of the product through it’s out of crowd display but also endows the protection to the products. The city of packaging is able to produce such packaging that protects the lipstick products from damaging impacts and dirt pickups. The most amazing thing related to our packaging is solutions are the cost-effective factor. As we charge nothing extra or hidden from to the customers.

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What do we offer in order to make our customers satisfied?

The primitive concern of our packaging brand is to provide quality packaging solutions to the customers, which not only makes them satisfied but also assists them in escalating the sale volume of their products. Our packaging solutions also assist the brands in portraying the positive image of their products even in the first look.

Add to this the below-mentioned points clear how the service of city packaging makes the customers more satisfied and delightful.

  • Quality service without any flaw:

The service of the city packaging is up to mark because it is our aim to make more and more satisfied customers. And due to this reason, we always seek feedback from the customers about our service and the packaging products. However, in order to make our service flawless, we request to get the suggestions from the customers. And after collecting such a suggestion, we try to implement them as soon as possible.

The reason for all these efforts is one, and only one, and that is the perfection of the service. It is our assumption that customers are always right. So, all the data that receive in the form of suggestions from the customers is processed and then our team keenly review all the suggestion to make sure that it would be implemented.

  • Timely delivery of the packaging products:

The biggest hurdle in online ordering is the delays that are faced by the customers. But we ensure the timely delivery of the products at the doorsteps of the customers. As know that the time of the customers is precious, and in this fast routine life, no one wants to wait long. By observing all these facts, we hastily start the process after getting the approval from the customers and try to deliver them within the 8 to 10 business days. Our service makes the customer more satisfied with our services, and they would come again for repurchase.

  • We deliver the packaging products to the doorsteps of the customers:

It is the promise of the city of packaging that the delivery of the packaging products is made to the doors of the customers. They would receive their required packaging solutions without any peril. However, we ship the product from our location to the customer destination as early as possible. Because we know that the shipment process also requires some time, but the delivery of the products is made to the customer’s location, and they do not need to come and collect the packaging. All these things intensify the quality of our brand and our service.

  • No designing and hidden charges:

It is found that sometimes the customer wants assistance and quality advice for their packaging solutions. So, for this reason, we hire an expert staff of designers who are there to listen to the customers clearly, and after that, they would provide worthy advice in amplifying the impact of the design. However, for this service, we do not charge any extra amount, or we also do not add this hidden cost in the final cost of packaging. It means if you order with us, you would be able to create the quality packaging of your lipsticks. But these solutions are available at competitive prices.

  • Experts staff and quality design collection:

The team and staff are the representatives of the company and brand, so we hire specialists and professionals to create the quality team. And addition to this, we also make a wide range of designing options that include different designs and structures. Our collection of designs is also very helpful for the newbies who want to get ideas about their packaging. So, you can find all these designs on the website, and that collection would assist you.

At the end:

The purpose of our efforts is just to ensure the satisfaction of the customers, and that’s the only reason we never compromise on the quality of the packaging and the service as well. Add to this the affordable prices which we offer for the wholesale custom lipstick boxes are amusing for the customers. But the low rate does not mean cheap quality. We proudly said that we deliver quality at reasonable prices. So, if you need the quality lipstick boxes at the low prices, then it is the right time for you to place your order with the city of packaging.

Add-ons that boost the overall look of the lipstick containers:

We offer special additional features for the lipstick packaging boxes that add the elegance and luxurious look to the packaging. However, all elite brands use such type of additional options for their lipstick boxes. Such add-ons entail the following.

  • Insert:

The cosmetic products needed the tight-fitting to stay secure inside the boxes. Lipstick also needed tight and fit packaging that reduces the chances of spoilage that occurs due to shivering and jerks. And sometimes in addition to the perfect size, the something supplementary is required. So, we offer to add the inserts inside the lipstick boxes. As these inserts make the packaging or boxes more fit, and when the lipsticks are placed inside the insert, the packaging becomes more safe and sound for the lipsticks.

The counter display packaging more often contains the boxes with inserts. Such inserts have punch holes that are made as per the size of the lipsticks. The city of packaging offers the customers to communicate their requirements and get the inserts that meet the needs of the customers.

  • Foil stamping:

The logo of the brand and its name is printed on the lipstick packaging that grants the identity to the product. But in order to enhance the impact of brand names and logos on the packaging, we offer an additional option, and that is foil stamping. These stampings ensure to print the required information on the packaging in the metallic shades. Like if you need to see the brand name on the packaging in silver, gold, and bronze color, then such foil stampings are the best option for your brand.

However, it not compulsion to print the brand name or logo only with this option. The customers are free to use this option for any type of text that is printed on the packaging.

The city of packaging allows the customers to select the information and foiling option totally in accordance with their imagination. So, in this way, customers feel satisfied with their product packaging.

  • Window patching:

The clear and visible display of the lipsticks is sometimes demanded by the customers. And for this purpose, various types of window patching are available. These windows are cut in various shapes according to the brand and product needs. Like different die-cutting options are available to create the windows:

  • Lips shape cut window for lipstick boxes.
  • Three-sided curve window for lipstick packaging.
  • Front side mini window that showcases the lipsticks.
  • The rectangular window for custom lipstick boxes.

All the above and many more custom shaping options are available for the patching of the window on the lipstick packaging. The city of packaging provides a wide range of shaping options for the die-cut windows. However, we also cut the window patch on the demand of customers and similar to their imagination or demand. So, if you need to spark up your ordinary packaging, you can just add such windows and enhance the outlook of the lipstick boxes.

  • Aqueous coating:

Basically, aqueous coating is applied to the printed boxes and packaging as it protects the printing from fading effects. Add to this such coating also provide a glossy and fine look to the overall surface where it is applied. Likewise, the aqueous coating also protects the packaging from the tearing effect. However, there are also countless benefits of applying this layer on the packaging, so due to this reason, we add this in the finishing options that we provide to our customers. So if you need a perfect solution that protects your printed brand details on the boxes, then you may try the aqueous coating on the packaging.

When these coatings are applied on the lipstick packaging, the finest glass-like look has appeared on the boxes that grant the striking display. And that’s reason retailers also prefer to present such lipstick boxes at the front of their showcases.

  • Water-resistant lamination:

One of the security measures for avoiding the chances of expected losses due to moisture sensitive areas is applying the waterproof coating on the boxes. Such type coatings help the packaging to stay safe from the moisture effects. This is a transparent coating that is used to apply on the boxes, and after the application of such coating, the box becomes sturdier. The famous lipstick brand knows this fact that moisture causes damage to the lipstick and packaging of lipstick as well. So, they usually prefer to apply the waterproof coating on the boxes and cases of the lipstick. Therefore you can find this option in our additional add-ons. We offer such coating for making your lipstick box packaging more preventive.

Lipstick is a cosmetic item, all the working girls, professional females, and domestic women use this. This is used as a paste on the lip, this appends colorful layer on the lips and make the lips attractive, charming, appealing, and eye-catching. Different face and skin colors are matched with different shades and color variants. The perfect matching enhances the look of the face, and make it attractive and aesthetically look. So, the market is full of lipsticks, and the need for marketing and protection become significant and paramount in the industry. Thus, City Of Packaging deal in packaging for the lipstick that is used as a marketing tool, and this process is only obtained by the customization and personalization. Through customization, your desired sizes, material, color, shape, structure, typography, formatting, logo, and other places could be availed. So, we alluded the custom lipstick boxes for you, these are in desired shapes, attractive, alluring, appealing, eye-catching, up to the mark and mesmerizing. 

Actually, in a broad sense, such cartons are most in-demand and this is because of the competition. Wholesales boxes for the lipstick that is cardinal in look, well built, and staunching for the customers sell more. These strapping and eco-friendly materials made lipstick cartons are designed with the intention to appraised your customer about the products. This escalates the sales, enhance the user experience, and completely please your customers. We vow to deliver, robust, ambitious and desired lipstick boxes to you. We want a prolonged relationship with you, we help you in looming your business, abduct all the worrisome relating to the packaging, its material, and user behavior towards itself. That’s why we persist with the lowest possible prices, the lowest minimum in the industry, free shipping and free designing, all these things make COP substantial in the cosmetics packaging industry. We grapple for you, it is our core value to deliver up to make design and style. We are the envoy of your products as entrusting to the COP means claiming the high-end finishing and affordable lipstick boxes in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our cardboard, made cartons with additional attractive effects of matte, spot UV, high-end finishing options looks appealing. Add to this, the corrugation and Kraft made cartons for the lipsticks at wholesale prices are designed and printed here. Our top-notch quality makes us different from others. As we are the premium customized packaging supplier and its importance has been iterated many times in the industry of the lipsticks. 

Rigid boxes for the lipstick that could be sent in a flat surface with customization options are the topmost priority of the COP. As we are the one-stop-shop for all kinds of lipstick boxes, from retail to luxury style cartons. Either you are looking for the 100 boxes or 100,000 COP will print them for you, at the lowest possible prices. We use die-cutting and 4 color printing. These include the CMYK/PMS and white color boxes through the honing process of digital and offset printing. Our simple 3 step procedure consists of information handling, sampling, printing, and delivery. We are 24/7 online in the USA for you. Just start a live chat or write an email at [email protected] or get a free quote for the customized lipstick boxes. We also deal in all kinds of cosmetic boxes; these are hair extension boxes, hairspray boxes, and mascara boxes. So, we have a motive for the “Packaging with satisfaction,” and our boxes attract the aisles, protective, and rockets your sales. Our live chat will answer all of your stumps, you just have to put forth your ideas, and we will design the feasible lipstick boxes for you. We have free design options. These enticing couture for the lipstick, auspicious and joyous, vibrant and substantial intelligent packaging help the local manufacturer to become a brand and enjoy the benefits of a brand. Ordering these cartons will raise you from the ashes and deliver the opulent boxes. As we have a penchant for providing the required containers on time. As we respect the money, you have poured into the pool of custom boxes for the lipsticks. Now you can grasp the double sales, provoke, and whip up your customer’s desire and make your products more likable. We have some pipe dream samples for you, places on the website. These are tantalizing and available for all genres. Such designs are coveted and please your customers. Our high tech labs append endowments of quality in it and made them enliven. For more structural models, check out this by box style category. 

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Your beloved questions and our worthy answers:

What is the essential information you need to know about the design of lipstick packaging?

Before going to make the final decision about the design of lipstick packaging, you should know some points that are:

  • Who is buying your products?
  • The taste preferences of your target audience.
  • Selection of color schemes with design.
  • Use of relevant design that elaborates the outlook of lipstick boxes.
Where can I find the most beautiful quality lipstick boxes with customization?

You can find the limitless venders of the lipstick packaging online. Such venders are capable of providing the out of ordinary packaging solutions for cosmetics. And after getting the quotation from two or three sellers, you would get an idea of which one is suitable for your lipstick packaging.

Can I use custom lipstick boxes for the purpose of the gift?

Yes! The lipstick boxes for the gift are a little different in their presentation as it contains some accessories that make them decorative. But the lipstick packaging after the annexation of such embellishments would be easily used for gift purposes. Add to this; you would also get these lipstick gift boxes at the wholesale level.

What are the trendy styles of lipstick boxes that you can get from the city of packaging?

We made almost all types of custom styles but some designs. And for further detail, you can contact our representative through chat.

Can we allow the customers to create their own customized lipstick packaging?

Yes, we allow all sorts of customization for the lipstick packaging. You can communicate your required dimension with our designers and get your box according to your imagination.

Do you get the wholesale prices for the bulk quantity lipstick box?

We offer quantity discounts and wholesale prices for the bulk orders of the packaging products. For details, check our website.

How can you get lipstick packaging of the best quality in the USA?

Simply search on google and get quotations from two or three venders. Compare the quotations and place orders with the most appealing one.

What do you want to know about lipstick packaging?

The lipstick packaging is the cover or pack that not only protects the lipstick from the external destructive impacts but also grants the shiny outlook that reflects your brand quality.

Do the city of packaging offer lipstick packaging solutions with eco-friendly material?

We deal in all types of eco-friendly cardstock material, including Kraft and bux board. However, we also provide on-demand material to the customers that are made as per their own requirements.

What is the tenure of the shipment of the lipstick boxes to the customers?

We ensure the fastest delivery of the packaging products to the customer, and it would take 8 to 10 business days.

Do we offer the window patching for lipstick packaging?

Yes, the city of packaging offers the different die-cut options for the window patching on the packaging. And these options are also customizable.

How can you create luxury lipstick boxes easily?

The application of the additional add-ons on the packaging creates them more appealing and luxurious, and for this purpose, you need to check our add-on options that are given on the website.

What are the materials that we offer for the lipstick packaging?

The city of packaging offers all sorts of cards and paper card material for the boxes and packages. So, it all depends on the need of the customer.

What are retail lipstick packaging boxes?

All type of retail packaging is purposed to display the products in front of the customers. So, retail lipstick boxes are also made with this intention.

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