CBD tincture boxes

Obtain custom printed CBD tincture boxes, with the most professional and dedicated team of designing and printing. This is because we are the top premium Cannabis packaging supplier in the town. We print topnotch quality cartons, affordable prices and high end finishing options. Cardboard is the finest material, high glossy and shining surface. Usually, 60/90 gsm, 50 gsm, 120-150 gsm, and 80 gsm, and your desired gsm cartons are produced. The cardboard has 125 – 300 gsm options. Your desired gsm, sizes, color, printing methods are what we sell. So, customized boxes for the CBD tinctures, make an opulent look and pack your oils in accentuating way. In addition to the cardboard, corrugation, paper and Kraft material is also used for the production of primary and secondary packaging. Customized and personalized packaging set your products apart from competitors and creates a correspondence of versatility among you and customers and usage of the box. Packaging engineers recommend the most suitable gsm of cardboard and mitigate the extra space in the box. By adding rose gold foil, bronze, and blue foil with window patching with glue options, your CBD tincture escalates your sales from ash to the skies. Moreover, we have packaging for the hemp oil, vape cartridge, e-liquids, and tinctures.