Blue Turquoise Foil

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Blue turquoise foil boxes are used for the printing and packaging of the luxury items and retail products. You can order at the City Of Packaging, we have all kind of foil boxes and packaging for all kind of products. Such foils are used and appended on the box as a separate layer and you can add as per the requirement of the brand identity, product, and other requirements. Such boxes look amazing, appealing, mesmerizing and up to the mark for your products. When you are showcasing, displaying or hanging on the wall, such foils grabs the attention of all and reflect the light. So, an aesthetical sense is reflected. Blue turquoise foils are also applied to the logo, product name and company names. Typography on the box become appealing and highlights the product name. Moreover, you can also use this color for the presentation of your product’s unique identity. Its blue color shade could be visible through a long distance.

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