When was the printing press invented – who invented the printing press

Importance of printing press

A lot of us take the printing technology for granted, but if we all sit and think about life without printing press then we would know that how difficult our lives would be if the printing press were not invested. There would be no books available in market, no flyers, magazines and any other thing that is made by printing. The printing press is a great invention because it allows us to print out large number of information in just few seconds. No matter what number of pages to be printed, it’s an easy task if you have a printing press. The printing press is one of the most important inventions of history, and it has changed the society a lot since its invention.

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The invention of the printing press

In 1430, a German person named Johann Gutenberg tried to get an idea with which he could make good money. He was desperate to get into something with which he could make his own money through his skills and efforts. At that time, people used to attach small mirrors to their clothes or hats so that when they go the holy places, they could catch the blessing of that holy place. Gutenberg observed that the mirror was not an ordinary one as it could be used to make huge amount of cheaper goods.

A very basic design of printing was invented by the people at the beginning of 1300s to 1400s. The printing method was quite ordinary as images were designed on the wooden books and when someone wanted to get some design printed, they dipped those blocks of designs in ink and then stamped the block on the paper.

Gutenberg had a bit of experience to work with machinery, so he decided to invent the machine in which he could use these blocks. He wanted to design a machine that would make the printing procedure a lot faster and easier. He designed the printing press in the early 1430s and is still known for his great invention.

How Gutenberg’s printing press works

With the first printing press, an edge is utilized to set gatherings of sort squares. Together, these squares make words and sentences; notwithstanding, they are all in turn around. The squares are altogether inked, and after that a sheet of paper is laid on the squares. The majority of this goes through a roller to guarantee that the ink is moved to the paper. At long last, the paper is lifted, and the peruse can see the inked letters that currently show up ordinarily because of them turned around squares.

How the printing press affected the world?

Before the printing press was invented, people could not read and write because books were not available, but since the invention of printing press more people starting to gain knowledge and the rate or uneducated people started to head towards its decline. Other than that the printing press was the major reason behind the Latin’s decline as other languages were now easy to be printed and were common.