What to do with Styrofoam packaging?

What is Styrofoam?

Most of you do not know that Styrofoam is actually a brand name that is used for thermal insulation and is designed by Dow Chemicals. Styrofoam is generally an expanded form of polystyrene foam that is usually used as a packaging material to make multiple plates, teacups, soup bowls, burger boxes, and many other things.

Most of us usually throw the polystyrene foam packaging and the products in the trash, but it is not suitable for our health and environment. Instead of throwing the Styrofoam in the bin, it’s better to recycle them or to use them to something creative and fresh. Used Styrofoam products can be used to make DIYs, and they look incredibly unique and attractive. Here are some tips to use Styrofoam positively and make your surroundings healthy and beautiful.

Use Styrofoam as a nail paint protector

Girls know this very well that it is quite tricky and messy to apply nail paint properly. You can use Styrofoam to get a cute mani and Pedi. All you need is a small block of Styrofoam packaging and scissors. Apply 5 equal cuts according to your fingers, after that place your fingers between those cuts. The Styrofoam will help to place your finger far from each other so that they do not get in contact with each other. Once the nail paint is dry, you can remove the Styrofoam and save it for future use.

Make a floating tray

How about making a floating tray out of Styrofoam and take your pool party to another level? Styrofoam is perfect for making trays as they are water-friendly, and they do not sink as well. You can make glass holders, can holders or even Doritos dish with it.

Soda holder

To cause a soft drink to can holder, slice two pieces to the size you need the completed holder to be, at that point cut openings a similar format as a soft drink can fit in one piece. Paste the article with gaps over the other part, utilizing a paste firearm with a hot-liquefy stick.


To make a plate with an edge, simply stick little segments of froth that are in any event 1 inch high around the edge of a more significant plate size area of the material.

Make a kickboard

Love swimming but cannot afford kickboard? No problem! Now you can make your own kickboard at home with the help of your old Styrofoam sheet. Take a Styrofoam sheet that you removed from the refrigerator and cut that into the shape of the kickboard. That’s it! Your new kickboard is ready, and you are all set to enjoy the pool party.

Ice-cream holders

Is an ice-cream maker and want to expand your business by delivering the ice-cream cones to your customers? Now you can quickly deliver the cones as well to the customers with the help of Styrofoam ice-cream holder. All you need is a piece of Styrofoam packaging and make 5-6 holes according to the shape of the cone. Now you can place the cones in those holes and deliver the ice-cream cones safely to your lovable customers.