What is screen printing?

Screen printing

Screen printing is also known as silk screening in some areas. It is a fantastic and quick method of getting the desired designs printed on the t-shirts with the help of gooey ink. The ink sticks onto the top of the t-shirt and does not create a mess that is mostly done when ink is soaked into the shirts. This is the most commonly used method of making customizable t-shirts used by many companies. Most of the companies started to use this technique but now as the demand for customized t-shirts is increasing with time; screen printing is getting more common in use.

Benefits of thick ink used in screen printing processes

There are multiple benefits of using thick ink, especially they go best with graphics where only a few colors are required. The ink is used in screen printing because when used over the graphics it makes the color look more attractive and eye-catchy. The ink is gooey in texture, but when designs are printed on the graphic, it looks so soft. Screen printing is best if you have a good time limit and your shirt requires fewer colors. It is fantastic and perfect for larger consignments and affordable at the same time.

Types of screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most affordable printing techniques over the graphic. It is essential that you know about the four types of screen printing before starting to get your prints. The four different but unique methods of screen printing are mentioned below:

Spot color printing

Spot color printing is one of the most commonly used types of screen printing. The methods use the unique ink and use a stencil to draw the design automatically onto the material. This method guarantees to provide a very sharp dot of color. This method is also capable of giving thicker layers of color tones, but that entirely depends upon the mesh count and the ink you are using.

Halftone printing

This strategy involves printing one or a few hues in slopes. In this procedure, you can take solitary shading and structure it to show up as two shades or more. The tones then again can differ right from a beautiful halftone to a tight spot of similar shading. Halftone printing is an incredible strategy on the off chance that you are searching for an approach to make a multicolor look without the cost of truly doing it.

Duotone printing

This is one of the unique types of screen printing that provides a fantastic color tone by using two inks. It usually blends out two different colors and makes the design with the two-tone of those colors. Both the colors are combined to give a duo tone texture and shade to the plan.

CMYK Printing or Color Printing

Here you take full shading picture or photo and after that break it into its four fundamental constituent hues; dark, yellow, maroon and cyan. The procedure utilizes these four hues consolidated to reproduce the full shading and tonal range.