What is lithography printing?

Lithography printing

Lithography, also known as offset printing is the process of printing in which the image or written information that the user desires to get printed is placed on the plate and it is covered with exclusive print and then used for the printing purpose. With this fantastic printing equipment, you can print on paper, cardboard and many other unique materials.

The material accepting the picture or words you need to print put against the plate, and the inks are assimilated appropriately. It takes extraordinary aptitude to ensure the inks are blended expertly and put in the correct request.

Process of lithography printing

Engraving design on the stone

The design you want to get printed is firstly drawn on a flat surface of a rock. The most commonly used stone for this process is Bavarian limestone. The design is drawn on the sand with the help of greasy crayon or special ink. To fix the design of the unique stone chemicals such as acid and gum Arabic are mixed to make a slight solution for this. This makes the stone keep the design stay safe from the water because during printing the stone is dipped into lots of water and the greasy ink will help the model to repel the water.

Oil-based printer’s ink

After the first step is completed, the oil-based printer’s ink is taken and spread all over the stone. That ink will only be absorbed by the greasy area. The stone area that has soaked water will automatically repel all the water. In this way, the ink will be spread only on the design you want to print.

Paper Pressing step

In this step, a piece of lightweight paper is taken and is spread all over the stone. The article is then pressed slowly over the sand. This will make the design to entirely display on to the piece of paper. With this step it is seen that either the right plan is being printed on not.

Multiple stones for multiple colors

Under the circumstances where various colors are required on a design, the design is drawn on various rocks to get the required design with different colors. This process goes lengthy if compared to simple lithography printing.

The lithography printing process for what can be used and why?

The lithography panting process could be used for multiple printing ways, but after serious consideration, here are a few things that can be printed by using lithography printing. It’s a 100% to lithography printing if planning to be used for below-mentioned purposes:

  • Intense quality brochures
  • Magazines
  • Promotional posters
  • Handbooks
  • Catalogs
  • It could be used for anything that requires a sharp and eye-catching finish look.

It may likewise be valuable to call attention to that lithography printing isn’t exactly as quick as a speedy advanced activity for a little request, given the arrangement included.  On the off chance that you need only a bunch of gathering moment archives, for instance, any supportive printer would recommend a digital print strategy was utilized. Be that as it may if you need the first completion and exact hues, lithography can be pivoted super-quick.