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What is intaglio printing – Explained Here

Intaglio printing

Intaglio printing is one of the oldest printmaking techniques and is similar to many printing methods in which the plate area is carved, and the lines that are the outcome plate carving are probably printed. Intaglio printing is the opposite printing making technique for relief printing.

The reason for this is that in this printing method is that the engraved area is printed and raised areas are neglected for printing. There are multiple examples of intaglio printing, such as etching, engraving, photogravure, aquatint, mezzotint, and heliogravure. The methods are different from each other but are used to get similar results.

How is intaglio printing done?

The procedure of intaglio printing is quite simple; it starts with the cutting of lines on the metallic plate. For this step, there are two methods, and one is that you can utilize cutting tools named a burin or you can use the method of using corrosive actions of acid. If you use the first method of using cutting tools, then that method will be called engraving, but if you’ll go with the acid one, it is called etching.

When you want to print an intaglio plate, then you should be clear that you need to spread the ink all over the plate and specifically insert the ink completely into the lines engraved. After the ink is absorbed by the engraved lines, the extra ink lying on the surface of the plate is wiped off. This method will let the design to be printed on the paper when it undergoes a printing press machine.

Intaglio printing is an expensive printing technique

It is not wrong to say that intaglio printing is way more expensive than offset printing, as the intaglio presses are ten times costly than the offset presses and when it comes off the special intaglio plates, they are hundred times more expensive than a normal printing press plate. No doubt this printing method is costly, but you can get your desired prints and best results with this method.

Why is intaglio printing used?

Let’s put the light on the fact that intaglio printing is advantageous as well. Even if the plates are expensive, we cannot ignore their lifetime. These plates could be used for a relatively incredible long life than the other plates. The plates are capable of improvising the design before the quality of the design degrades. Other than that, with intaglio printing, you can get really fine details for your prints.

Knowing the facts, that with the raised surfaces of the structure, settle on intaglio printing the regular decision for cash, travel papers, and other high-security records. For all intents and purposes, each banknote on the planet is printed at any rate halfway utilizing intaglio, since its particular appearance and surface make it simpler to spot fakes. Even though intaglio will never supplant laser and inkjet printers in the work area, there’s no better printing procedure when just flawlessness is adequate.