What Is Frustration-Free Packaging

Frustration-Free Packaging is a type of packaging that is recyclable. It comes without any extra packaging materials. This is Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. The product inside will be the same, and everything will be included in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging, which would be present in the original packaging of the manufacturer. Previously packaging used to be tough to open was too much for the product and destined to land in landfills, therefore in 2008, Amazon introduced this new type of packaging. Read on to find out more.

Recyclable material

Frustration-Free Packaging has kept the environment in mind. It does not result in any wastage occurring. This type of packaging is made using 100% recyclable materials. Therefore it does not waste the environment’s natural resources.  Amazon aims to limit waste with this packaging as well. It fits the product perfectly without using any extra material.

Ship products in original packaging

Manufacturers do not need to worry about the unique packaging they have designed for their products being sent by Amazon. The manufacturer may have spent much time creating wonderful packaging for their products. They will definitely want this packaging to stay intact. 

This is achieved with Frustration-Free Packaging. Amazon has designed it so that products can be shipped in their original packaging. This, therefore, eliminates the requirement for an extra shipping box. 

Limits the use of extra material

From 2008, Frustration-Free Packaging tends to have expanded to encompass more than 750,000 products. This shows that it is an effective type of packaging. Since December 2017, this handy Amazon sustainable packaging innovations stopped the use of 215,000 tons of packaging material moreover halted the use of 360 million shipping boxes. 

This is helpful for the environment and manufacturer as well. The manufacturer doesn’t have to waste money on the box and extra packaging material. 

Aims to improve packaging

To be able to certify products within Amazon’s Frustration-Free Program, they work with manufacturers across the globe. They help them innovate as well as improve packaging functionality, limiting waste across the supply chain. 

It is important not to waste unnecessary materials. This will lead to a reduction in the cost of packaging. It will also lead to less pollution in the environment. The customer will not be frustrated with the extra materials that will probably need to be thrown away.

Much research is occurring

Amazon is involved in thoroughly testing products. This occurs in the prestigious Amazon Packaging Lab located in Seattle along with their fulfillment centers present throughout the globe. Due to this, Amazon can figure out certain steps which manufacturers may take to enhance their packaging. This is helpful for the manufacturer. A business always aims to limit costs while delivering the best products to customers.

When it comes to packaging, it is vital that the product remains safe and does not get harmed in any way. If it does experience damage, this is not good for the manufacturer. Amazon aims to ensure that the customer’s products are properly protected until they reach their final destination. 

Frustration-Free Packaging is, therefore, an effective type of packaging that aims to help customers and the manufacturer out. It is sustainable, as fewer materials are wasted.