What and How

What is eCommerce packaging?

The first impression counts a lot. When a customer gets a product, the first thing that they have to face is the product packaging, and if that attracts them, half of the job is done there. This is a good opportunity for the brand that they can leave a good impression on their customers through their packaging and can make regular clients.  Whereas, the low-quality packaging shows reverse results. Providing good packaging to customers can enhance your brand’s reputation and the custom regularity as well. 

Recently, a well-known online company, amazon added a new packaging for the purpose of advertisement, and it is expected that many other packaging companies and brand will adopt a similar way of packaging as it is going to be a successful one. The idea of using the packaging instead of billboards is not only the idea of new packaging, but it is also another easy and convenient way to promote your business often. 

Progression of e-commerce packaging

Regardless of whether it is upscale packaging or cross-showcasing, one part of the internet packaging business has been built up; customers care about the items they get as well as the container it is conveyed in. As per the 2015 eCommerce Packaging Survey from Dotcom Distribution, more than 33% of the 524 online customers said the utilization of marked bundling for online requests influences their view of a brand or retailer. 

This turns out to be considerably progressively noteworthy when you add web-based life to the condition. Thirty-nine percent of online customers have shared an item picture or video via web-based networking media, making an expansive influence for brands that goes past the individual buy.

Facts based on the Importance of Ecommerce packaging

We all know the importance of eCommerce packaging very well, but there are a few studies and the research that is based on keen discussion and facts on eCommerce packaging. All these research and studies were conducted a few years back and according to all those research we have concluded 7 facts on the importance of eCommerce packaging 

Most of the online businesses are now paying much attention to the eCommerce packaging that has ended to the following facts:

  • The buyers make their impression and decision for the brand within 6-8 seconds that mostly that decision, and the first impression is the last and long-lasting one. There are chances that it might now change ever.
  • According to the research, we concluded on a point that there are almost 10% of buyers that give similar importance to the packaging of the product as they give to the brand and the product packed in it. 
  • It is noted that UK products are mostly delivered in special cardboard packaging material.
  • Around 52% of online customers that get their request in custom bundling state, they are bound to come back to that equivalent organization for future requests.

All these facts and figures clearly show that eCommerce is emerging more often in the market, and people are moving toward such packaging way rather than others.