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What is duplex printing?

Duplex printing

Duplex printing is among some of those terms in the printing industry that confuses most of the people. It confuses people due to its name, so it is important to know about duplex printing instead of making false guesses. Duplex printing refers to the type of printing in which you can print both the sides of the paper; no matter you print it manually or automatically. Both sides of the paper are printing in a way that first side is turned over when it is printed to get the other side of the paper printed. Duplex printing has multiple advantages such as it saves the paper, the printing cost, the paper cost and most importantly it is good to adopt duplex printing for the environment.

Why it is named as “duplex”?

If you a user of such a printer that can print both the sides of the paper then do remember that printer is featured with a duplexing unit. The duplexing unit helps to turn over the paper to print on the other side of the paper as well. It is important to know that duplex printing is not similar to ordinary printings; the reason for this is that if you notice the inkjet and laser printers, you will see that most of them are designed for one side paper printing only. This is the reason that duplex printing is named duplex because the printer is featured with duplexing feature.

Cheap and good printing method

A couple of years prior, two-sided printing was just prevalent among squanderers and “shabby” office chiefs dogging their workers to print on the two sides and cut down on the business paper costs. With new concerns today about the earth and the economy, the pattern of duplex printing is beginning to get on in workplaces, independent companies and even schools around the US. An ever-increasing number of individuals are beginning to understand that duplex printing utilizes half of the aggregate sum of paper, costing you less cash. Twofold sided printing additionally makes fewer trees be chopped down, which is useful for the earth and useful for humanity since more trees imply more oxygen for us to relax.

Types of duplex printing

There are generally two types of duplex printing you can adopt, one is manual duplex printing, and the other is auto duplex printing.

Manual duplex printing

Manual duplex printing is the type of printer in which you have to make a little effort on your own to print the other side of the paper. It means that one side of the paper is printed, the other side is not printed automatically, and you need to open the printer, turn the side of the paper and then turn on the machine to let the other side printed

Auto duplex printing

Auto duplex printing is a type of printer in which both sides of the paper are printed automatically by the printer. Information is set on the printer by the user at the initial stage, and the paper is printed automatically.