What is corrugated packaging?

Corrugated packaging, often known as corrugated boxes are one of the safest ways to pack the item. We see corrugated boxes every day without even noticing them. Have you ever notices that pizza box in that you get every night when you craze for pizza. That pizza box you receive in other words is known as the corrugated box.

 It is recorded that almost 95% of the products in the UK are packed and shipped in corrugated boxes because they are specially designed for the packaging of shipping items. The corrugated boxes are seen at the grocery stores, and according to a survey, every year, almost six million ton of used corrugated box is recycled for other causes. 

The making of corrugated packaging

The corrugated boxes are manufactured with a special technique as they are made up of various cardboards that make this packaging a protective one. The corrugated box is made with corrugated paperboard that has multiple rows of air columns. This cardboard is stronger than the ordinary cardboard because of the multiple layers of cardboard paperboard.

 These special boxes are eco friendly because they are recyclable and can be turned into something creative. The air columns of these boxes act as a cardboard cushion that provides proper protection to the products while being shipped. 

Benefits of corrugated packaging

The corrugated packaging has multiple benefits, and due to that, they are one of the best packaging ways for shipping items. The extra cushion-like layer is best to provide a good protective layer to the product. Most of the brands choose corrugated boxes for their products that they ship to their customers. Here are certain benefits of corrugated packaging that makes them prominent to the brands:

  • Lightweight: If compared to any other packaging material, cardboard is best for many reasons. Cardboard packaging is a light and flexible material, yet it can hold and deliver huge items. It is one of the cheapest ways to get significant packaging when you want to ship heavy materials. As the corrugated boxes are light enough, so they are quite easy to load. Whether you run a shipping business or any other product business, you can also choose corrugated packaging if you are in search of lightweight packaging.
  • Recycle: Another advantage of using corrugated packaging is that it is recyclable. You can keep your environment healthy by avoiding polystyrene packaging and using the corrugated packaging instead of it. Many recycling companies recycle corrugated boxes for a good cause, and that keeps the environment healthy. If you are a nature lover and want healthy packaging for the packaging of your product, then choosing corrugated packaging is the right option for you.
  • Customization: Corrugated bundling can enhance your brand’s reputation and can function as another channel for your item advertising. Adding printed fine art to your cardboard surface can radically build brand mindfulness and convey your messages and brand esteems actually successfully. Printed choices change from flexography to lithography and advanced printing; however, whether it’s the expansion of a basic logo or a whole tweaked and printed box, innovative packaging is amazingly compelling for getting your buyer’s attention and creative mind.