What Is Blister Packaging ?

Blister packaging is used for different kinds of pre-formed plastic packaging employed for small consumer products, foods, as well as for pharmaceuticals. The main component that a blister pack has is a cavity or maybe a pocket that is made using a formable web, often a thermoformed plastic. This often possesses a backing consisting of paperboard or some lidding seal that is of aluminum foil or can be of plastic. 

How is blister packaging produced?

Blister packs tend to be sight packs and retail packs. It is the blister pack machine that closes the package within which the blister gets joined to the handy lining material often by heat sealing. 

After this, the pack gets closed with activating the precise heat seal layer (i.e., the blister cover). This seals the seams with the help of pressure as well as heat.

What is this packaging useful for?

Blister packs aid in keeping products safe from external factors, like humidity as well as a contamination for certain extended periods. When looking at opaque blisters, they even keep light-sensitive products safe from harmful UV rays. 

Therefore this type of packaging can help keep products that need safety from environmental influences, safe. This is helpful for the pharmaceutical industry, for instance. This is because it is a type of plastic packaging. It is employed to pack tablets, capsules, and other products. Often, blister packs can protect the vital shelf life of important Pharma products apart from behaving like a barrier, providing tamper resistance. 

Cost-effective packaging

Blister packaging tends to be a cost-effective way to showcase a product. Because of the nature of material along with design used, it allows it to be more cost-effective in comparison to other kinds of packages which are available. This is good for a business looking to save costs on packaging.

There are different kinds of blister packaging available. This includes Face Seal, Slide plus Interactive, Trap, and Mock. Everyone has its own qualities and price points as well, from the entry-level going to high end. 

Helps advertise a product

There are many colors and finishes which blister packaging may be constructed to feature. These can be used to aid manufacturers in making their product be eye-catching and stand out when placed on a shelf. Blister packaging lets the manufacturer and retailer include important promotional materials and advertisements to aid in building a brand moreover enhancing customer loyalty. This is all necessary when it comes to packaging.

Displays a product clearly

With the help of blister packaging, shoppers can view products clearly. This further helps in their purchase decision. Some shoppers like to view a product via its packaging before actually buying it. Some people spoil the packaging in a store by opening it to see how the product is. This will not be present with blister packaging. Blister packaging is a type of packaging that is good for certain products like pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, etc. This type of packaging has its benefits.